2023 mock NFL Draft 2.0: Fallout from free agency wave and NFL Combine

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Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide running back Jahmyr Gibbs (1) Mandatory Credit: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports /

. Running Back. Crimson Tide . Jahmyr Gibbs. 27. player. 829

On the clock: NFL Draft Pick No. 27: Buffalo Bills – Jahmyr Gibbs, Running Back, Alabama

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Bijan Robinson has understandably gotten all the hype, but there’s a second bluechip running back prospect in Jahmyr Gibbs. Positionally running back isn’t as valued as it used to be, but Gibbs will be a first-round pick and he’s a perfect fit for a Buffalo Bills team desperate to get to the Super Bowl and who made a run at trading for Christian McCaffrey.

Jahmyr Gibbs ran for 926 yards and seven touchdowns at 6.1 yards per carry for Alabama in 2022. He also showed himself a dangerous receiving threat for the Crimson tide with 44 receptions for 444 yards and three touchdowns.

As a runner Gibbs is a threat to break it open whenever he touches the football. He finds the gap and rips right through it, and good luck to any defender chasing him down from behind. He’s almost impossible to bring down in the open field as he isn’t only fast and insanely agile, but he’s a smart runner who knows when to cut and when to use his speed to breakaway from defenses.

Gibbs is slightly undersized at 5-foot-9 and 199 pounds (as measured at the combine) and he isn’t the best blocker, but he’s still a dynamic weapon who should help bring running backs back into Thursday contention alongside Robinson.