2023 mock NFL Draft: 49ers watch NFC get significantly stronger

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Bryce Young, Alabama Crimson Tide
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2023 NFL Draft, Pick No. 2: Houston Texans – Bryce Young, Quarterback, Alabama

The Houston Texans rather stupidly won their final game to gift Chicago the first pick, meaning that in reality, they won’t be able to select their choice of quarterback unless they trade up themselves (and look stupid in the process).

Luckily for the Texans in this mock, they still get their choice.

It’s a coin flip at the moment if Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud is the top quarterback of the class with people differing deciding on whether or not they like the improvisational ability of Young or the stronger passing of Stroud.

This season, Young completed 65 percent of his passes for 3,328 yards, 32 touchdowns and five interceptions while also picking up four touchdowns on the ground as well.

Young has drawn comparisons to Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, but he’s arguably a much better talent than Murray. Young’s ability to improvise on the fly and remain accurate is astounding, and he’s a very smart quarterback.

The knock on him is his height (only 5-foot-11) and seeing a similar quarterback in Murray struggle at Arizona after the Cardinals gave him a big contract. Stroud had an exceptional end to the season as well, which puts Young on the back foot as far as rankings go.

For now, he’s here, but don’t be surprised if Stroud supplants him. Young will need a strong combine and interviews to keep his lead.