49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk took his touchdown celebration a bit too far

Brandon Aiyuk #11 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Brandon Aiyuk #11 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

After one of his two touchdowns against the Cardinals, 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk might have taken his celebration a bit too far.

It’s a good thing San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk apologized. After all, no one likes to see what happened to the unfortunate bystander during the Niners’ 38-10 Monday Night Football victory over the Arizona Cardinals at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico.

OK, it’s nothing too serious. At least hopefully not.

But it’s pretty funny.

Aiyuk had himself a game during San Francisco’s rout, hauling in two touchdown passes of the four that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo delivered during the game. And while the 49ers’ leading receiver on the season only increased his fortitude with the multi-score performance, one particular incident after one of those touchdowns might be a bit of a gaffe.

Brandon Aiyuk accidentally pegs a cameraman with a football

Alright, so the “victim” in this case isn’t an innocent bystander, rather he was an NFL cameraman on the sideline behind the end zone.

As soon as Aiyuk crossed into the end zone for a touchdown, he immediately wound up and threw the ball directly ahead, striking the cameraman in a place where some probably don’t want to be struck by anything.

Seriously, check it out:

Almost immediately, Aiyuk recognized what he did. However, mobbed by his teammates, he couldn’t quite get over to the cameraman right away and had to wait until the celebration cleared up.

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Fortunately, it did. Aiyuk made his way over to the individual and likely apologized for the unfortunate incident.

Even if it probably was somewhat funny at the time, provided no one was actually hurt. And it didn’t appear anyone was.

Perhaps it’s a good thing Aiyuk is a wide receiver and not a quarterback.

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