Grades for every 49ers 2022 NFL Draft rookie through first 8 games

Drake Jackson #95 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Drake Jackson #95 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /
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Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers
Brock Purdy #13 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

49ers NFL Draft picks in Round 7: QB Brock Purdy

. QB. San Francisco 49ers. BROCK PURDY. C+

Ah, yes. Mr. Irrelevant.

Quarterback Brock Purdy probably deserves a bit more credit than he’ll actually receive here, even though a C-plus grade might seem kind of generous.

It’s not for his on-field capabilities during the regular season, no. Purdy’s line of four completions on nine attempts with an interception came almost exclusively during garbage time, and no one is going to read too much into those numbers anyway.

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Instead, Purdy gets a little bit of credit here for making himself relevant by hanging around on the 49ers’ 53-man roster.

Not only did Purdy beat out the Niners’ offseason preferred veteran, Nate Sudfeld, but he also managed to hang around as Jimmy Garoppolo’s backup halfway through 2022. San Francisco didn’t exactly go out and scramble for an experienced backup in light of Jimmy G’s injury history.

Putting things rather bluntly, the 49ers actually trust Purdy to a large extent.

If nothing else, that warrants a slightly better-than-average grade.

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