3 reasons why rooting for Talanoa Hufanga has been fun and easy

Talanoa Hufanga #29 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)
Talanoa Hufanga #29 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /
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San Francisco 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga (29) Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images /

No. 3 reason Talanoa Hufanga is easy to root for: Playmakers make plays

Let’s face it: It’s one thing to root for a likable player who doesn’t do much on the field, but it’s entirely another thing to root for someone who’s constantly making splash plays.

Talanoa Hufanga put his stamp on being a young playmaker during the playoffs last season, grabbing a key blocked punt and returning it for a touchdown in the divisional round against the Green Bay Packers:

From there, Hufanga’s stock value has only gone up. We pointed out the stats already, but what gets lost in the discussion a bit is the physicality and tenacity Hufanga displays when he’s on the field.

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Those traits, plus the fact he almost always seems to be around the ball have shaped him into being one of the Niners’ most exciting up-and-coming players.

Seriously, it’s hard to accept the fact Hufanga is just 23 years old.

At any rate, San Francisco has to be thrilled with what it’s getting from the standouts safety, whose career only looks to be getting better with each passing week.

It’s hard not to root for that.

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