10 traits that set 49ers fans apart from rest of the NFL

San Francisco 49ers fans (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
San Francisco 49ers fans (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys
Fans support the San Francisco 49ers before the Conference Championship game against the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images) /

No. 3: Cowboys suck

Alright, we hear you, fans of the Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders. Probably a few other fanbases out there, too.

Yes, 49ers fans hate the Dallas Cowboys just as much as you do. Maybe, just maybe, a little more.

Younger Niners fans may not appreciate it quite as much, although the Niners’ victory over Dallas in the 2022 Wild Card round surely helped re-spark an age-old classic rivalry. But during the 1970s, much of the 1980s and surely in the 1990s, Cowboys-Niners football was about as intense as things could possibly get.

Seriously, nothing was as important on the NFL calendar than a San Francisco-Dallas game.

Of course, the 49ers had their hearts broken plenty of times by the Cowboys in the early 1970s, then again in the 1990s, too, although getting some vengeance in the NFC Championship game in 1995 and in the aforementioned Wild Card round helped sweeten the memory a bit.

But for many a Niners fan, this rivalry was personal. It was bigger than just two teams not liking each other.