This USFL team’s uniforms look an awful lot like 49ers throwbacks

Luis Perez #2 of New Jersey Generals and Scooby Wright III #33 of Birmingham Stallions (Photo by Carmen Mandato/USFL/Getty Images)
Luis Perez #2 of New Jersey Generals and Scooby Wright III #33 of Birmingham Stallions (Photo by Carmen Mandato/USFL/Getty Images) /

If you watched some USFL football over the weekend, one team’s jerseys sure looked a lot like the classic red and white throwbacks for the 49ers.

Perhaps you decided to tune into the USFL’s debut weekend which saw six of the league’s eight teams kick off what hopes to be a developmental and minor league for the NFL.

However, you could be forgiven if you thought for a second you were accidentally tuning into a replay of one of the San Francisco 49ers’ games in recent years when you turned on the Birmingham Stallions facing off at home against the New Jersey Generals in the USFL’s debut game on Saturday, April 16.

The Stallions won 28-24, which is cool… if you’re finding yourself pulling for Birmingham. But there was an awfully striking resemblance between the Stallions’ home jerseys and what the Niners typically don during their own contests.

You know, that red and gold breakdown that’s become so classic a sports look.

OK, upon further review, you can tell the differences pretty easily. But, on those wide-angle television shots, it sure looks a lot like the Stallions mixed up their uniforms with those of San Francisco somehow.

That’s not the craziest part of it, though.

Stallions’ home jerseys resemble 49ers classic 1994 throwbacks

The gold pants would normally seem to indicate a relation to all things 49ers, right? And to an extend, they do.

But when you check out this preview video for all eight USFL teams’ uniforms, you can’t help but notice just how much Birmingham’s jerseys resemble what the Niners wear for their retro 1994 throwbacks:

The gold helmet is still there, and the crimson-ish red top looks an awful lot like what you would have seen San Francisco wear.

But the kicker? Those white pants with the red and black stripe going down the side.

Seriously, you be the judge:

Jordan Willis, San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Jordan Willis (94) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Interestingly enough, the Philadelphia Stars also have a red and gold color scheme, but their “gold” is almost more of a mustard yellow.

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The condiment bowl, anyone?

At any rate, one can appreciate the Stallions adopting one of the best uniforms in the history of the NFL as one of their own. And, heck, perhaps some 49ers fans will start embracing Birmingham as their own team simply based on the uniform scheme.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

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