Deebo Samuel will be impacted by Tyreek Hill trade

Deebo Samuel #19 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Deebo Samuel #19 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

While it doesn’t have a direct impact on him, there are long-term ramifications for Deebo Samuel in the wake of the Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill to Miami.

If the 2022 NFL offseason wasn’t weird enough, it just got weirder.

Former Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill, frustrated with his contractual situation, asked for a trade and was eventually granted it, being shipped off to the Miami Dolphins for quite the lucrative return:

  • First-round pick in 2022
  • Second-round pick in 2022
  • Fourth-round pick in 2022
  • Fourth-round pick in 2023
  • Sixth-round pick in 2023

In the immediate aftermath of the trade, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Hill was receiving a massive extension, too, making him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL:

Not a bad deal after the Las Vegas Raiders traded for former Green Bay Packers All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams, subsequently inking him to a massive extension, too.

Teams are obviously valuing top-tier wide receivers now, and it won’t be too long before even B-list wideouts wind up commanding close to $20 million on an annual-average basis.

It’s great news for the San Francisco 49ers’ own top wideout, All-Pro Deebo Samuel. Not so great news for the Niners, who are reportedly interested in locking Samuel up for the long run.

Samuel, whose 1,770 all-purpose yards last season ranked third in that category among all players, is unique in his own way in contrast to Hill and Adams, doubling as the so-called “wide back” for his use as both a receiving target and rushing weapon. If anything, that’ll only serve to up his value.

And in the wake of Samuel seeing these massive deals dished out to players like Hill and Adams, it won’t be hard to fathom San Francisco’s three-year pro wanting something similar.

How Tyreek Hill trade impacts Deebo Samuel, 49ers

Samuel has one more year remaining on the original rookie contract signed after he was taken in Round 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft. And while his accolade list comes nowhere close to what Hill and Adams have accomplished over their respective careers, it’s not hard to suggest Samuel is on a similar trajectory.

It’s possible Samuel wants to hold out once offseason workouts come around, asking to receive a new contract that reflects the change in market value seen in the wake of deals for Hill and Adams.

And from the 49ers’ vantage point, they might be wise to invest in that now before Samuel’s résumé gets even more impressive and, by default, more expensive.

On top of that, the 2023 salary cap is expected to increase far above the current $208.2 million where it’s at this season, meaning the Niners could potentially defer a lot of those increased costs to a time when it’ll be much more digestible.

However, there’s another potential impact to be felt from the Hill trade.

Would 49ers fathom trading Deebo Samuel?

Maybe it’s just a discussion point on Twitter, but go take a look at whether or not San Francisco would consider trading Samuel to the highest bidder. Perhaps not this offseason, but maybe a tag-and-trade scenario a year from now.

Another All-Pro kind of season from Samuel could make an extension with the 49ers much more difficult, and the Niners may be hard-pressed to have top-three contracts dished out for players like left tackle Trent Williams, tight end George Kittle and linebacker Fred Warner.

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Adding Samuel to that list of recently extended/re-signed players for top dollar might not be in San Francisco’s plans.

On top of that, the caliber of top-performing wide receivers coming out of the NFL Draft on a yearly basis is only increasing, and it’s becoming easier to find replacements for players who are commanding top dollar, even if it means they leave top-end teams and quarterbacks for more money.

Perhaps that’s something the 49ers consider, and Hill’s blockbuster might carry weight.

But one can hope it’s a problem for another time.

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