49ers NFL Draft 2022: 4 quarterbacks who can back up Trey Lance

Quarterback Brock Purdy #15 of the Iowa State Cyclones (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)
Quarterback Brock Purdy #15 of the Iowa State Cyclones (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /
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Aqeel Glass, Alabama A&M Bulldogs
Alabama A&M quarterback Aqeel Glass (4) Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images /

49ers NFL Draft Target No. 3: Aqeel Glass, Alabama A&M

Chris Oladuokun, not unlike Trey Lance, lacks a lot of college experience, and that might not be something San Francisco would want to entertain if it can find another hidden-gem quarterbacking prospect late in the draft who has a similar skill set but has seen a lot more of the field during his collegiate tenure.

In this case, someone like Alabama A&M’s Aqeel Glass, a three-year starter who also boasts solid rushing capabilities and, at 6-foot-5 and 217 pounds, is a bit more sturdy than Oladuokun.

This scouting report from NFL Sapient provides a little more insight as to what Glass might offer to a team targeting him late on day three of the draft:

"A big arm that is capable of stretching the field. Throws with decent velocity when he needs to. Beautiful touch ball. Flashes the ability to throw with touch very well. Struggles to get the deep ball touch in there accurately. Deep accuracy in general is not at all ideal. … Moves well out of the pocket. Used in designed roll-out plays. Maneuverers through traffic extremely well. A very average runner moving downfield. A little bit too lumbery and upright. Works well to keep the play alive. Very much aware of situations. Uses his eyes and body language very well."

Not unlike what the 49ers already have with Lance, Glass appears to be someone who’d excel when rolling out of the pocket, which could prove to be a nice deep-reserve addition to Kyle Shanahan’s depth chart.