Nick Bosa says it all after 49ers beat Bengals in overtime

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) Mandatory Credit: Douglas Defelice-USA TODAY Sports
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) Mandatory Credit: Douglas Defelice-USA TODAY Sports /

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Nick Bosa might not be a man of many words, but he offered up some excellent and humorous perspective after the 49ers beat the Bengals in overtime.

San Francisco 49ers EDGE Nick Bosa might not be the most provocative interview for the media. But every now and then, he offers up a nugget that’s absolutely priceless.

Such was the case when Bosa was interviewed after the Niners pulled off a thrilling yet nail-biting 26-23 road win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 14, improving to 7-6 on the season but also after they originally had a 20-6 lead in the third quarter.

Bosa was a big reason why Cincy didn’t stage a complete comeback in the game that would have sent San Francisco to its second loss in a row after losing to the Seattle Seahawks 30-23 a week ago.

However, Bosa’s takes on the 49ers’ last two games are pretty much spot on.

Nick Bosa offers up a blunt response to 49ers loss to Seahawks, win vs. Bengals

Yes, there was far more to the interview than just what you might see in KNBR 680’s Sam Hustis’ tweet below.

But it’s still pretty truthful if not overly wordy:

After Bosa and the Niners lost to Seattle in a game that was there for the taking, the third-year pro’s response was about as straightforward as could possibly be.

“Yeah, we definitely blew it,” he said.

Certainly considering that blown lead, and how the Bengals managed to retake the lead in overtime, Bosa’s post-Week 14 comments were slightly different.

Albeit only slightly.

“We almost blew it,” he said. “But we didn’t.”


Nick Bosa was a beast vs. Joe Burrow, Bengals

While much of San Francisco’s second-half collapse that led to overtime was due to a shorthanded secondary, Bosa and the 49ers pass rush still made its presence known, sacking Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow five times while also hitting him six times.

Bosa had two of those sacks, and he would have had a third if it weren’t for rookie cornerback Ambry Thomas being flagged for a hands-to-the-face penalty.

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Still, Bosa watched his sack total on the year increase to 14, and he also registered two more tackles for a loss after entering the week with an NFL-leading 16 in total.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple to understand: Bosa doesn’t need to offer up too many words to be one of the league’s most dominant players, and he’s certainly a big reason why the Niners pulled off the overtime win at Cincy.

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