Niner Noise Podcast: 49ers look to ‘end the Seahawks’ in Week 13

Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks against Tony Jerod-Eddie #63 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks against Tony Jerod-Eddie #63 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

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The 49ers are in prime position to put a finishing stamp on the Seahawks’ dreadful 2021 season, potentially marking the end of an era.

It’s probably a glorious thing to see, at least for San Francisco 49ers fans.

The 3-8 Seattle Seahawks are falling apart across the seams. And while this has seemed like a yearly prediction for Niners fans ever since the 2018 dismantling of the once-vaunted “Legion of Boom,” Hawks quarterback Russell Wilson has nevertheless been able to carry his team on his back towards regular playoff contention.

Well, that’s no longer the case.

The No. 15-seeded Seahawks have only a pipedream of making the playoffs this year, and there’s a growing chorus of thoughts Wilson will want out this season, and it’s possible head coach Pete Carroll winds up being shown the door, too.

If anything, it’s the end of an era, one which San Francisco fans are certainly happy to see.

Despite all that, there’s still a game to be played between these two teams, a Week 13 NFC West showdown at Lumen Field where the 49ers look to return the favor Seattle paid back when these two teams met earlier this season in Week 4 in a frustrating 28-21 win over the Niners.

Yet the context has shifted dramatically in recent weeks, and we here at the Niner Noise Podcast let that be the backdrop in our latest edition.

Niner Noise Podcast: 49ers can beat Seahawks by doing what they’ve been doing

Niner Noise Associate Editor Peter Panacy (me, in case you didn’t notice) broke down this no-longer-a-prime-time matchup for Week 13 and focused on one key area.

Time of possession.

Check out this edition of the Niner Noise Podcast below:

The last three weeks, San Francisco has been dominant here, recording the following possession times over what’s turned into a three-game winning streak:

  • Week 10 vs. Los Angeles Rams: 39:03
  • Week 11 @ Jacksonville Jaguars: 38:22
  • Week 12 vs. Minnesota Vikings: 37:07

In contrast, Seattle has been dreadful at extending its own offensive drives, and not even Wilson’s return from a finger injury suffered earlier this year has made much of a difference:

  • Week 10 @ Green Bay Packers: 20:51
  • Week 11 vs. Arizona Cardinals: 19:38
  • Week 12 @ Washington Football Team: 18:20

True, the 49ers will have to figure out a way to overcome the likely absence of wide receiver Deebo Samuel (groin). Yet there are still plenty of players who can step up and fill the void while hoping Wilson and Co. don’t find that edge to upset the Niners.

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Hopefully, that’ll wind up being the difference.

49ers poised to end the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson era?

It’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen with Wilson, Carroll and the current, fizzling-out version of Seattle after 2021 is over.

But, if San Francisco lacks the ultimate talent of actually winning the Super Bowl, a quality consolation prize would be handing its NFC West rivals another crushing loss in embarrassing fashion.

Perhaps one that would put the final stamp on the Seahawks’ current edition.

Rivalries are good, yes. Aside from 2019, though, the 49ers have rarely received the last laugh, and Wilson’s career 15-4 regular-season record against the Niners says pretty much everything one needs to know about the nature of this rivalry dating back to 2012.

A big win for San Francisco in Week 13 could help erase much of that.

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