Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers would both benefit from Super Bowl win

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

In spite of what some would consider a problem, Jimmy Garoppolo winning a Super Bowl with the 49ers this year would be a win-win for both sides.

The San Francisco 49ers may not be top contenders for a Super Bowl championship entering 2021.

But they’re certainly in the discussion. Perhaps a top candidate for the NFC Championship game again.

Either way, should the Niners somehow wind up winning Super Bowl LVI, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will have to play a massive role in making it happen.

Sure, Garoppolo could somehow lose the starting battle to San Francisco’s top-flight rookie, quarterback Trey Lance. But all indications right now point to the 49ers letting Garoppolo play one more season with the team. His “swan song,” if you will.

Let’s not get lost in the “how” or “why” Garoppolo winds up leading the Niners to a Super Bowl win. There are plenty of other articles and film breakdowns to do that. Instead, let’s just fast-forward to a would-be time immediately after Jimmy G is hoisting a Lombardi Trophy in a San Francisco uniform.

Jimmy Garoppolo boosts his stock value with a Super Bowl win

In case you missed it, the Pro Football Talk Live podcast with Mike Florio suggested there would be a massive mess with the 49ers if Garoppolo somehow led the team to a Super Bowl championship (starts at the 9:25 mark):

Well, let’s get one thing out of the way: a Super Bowl win certainly wouldn’t cause a mess for Garoppolo.

Going back to the 2021 offseason, if there was a trade market for Jimmy G, it was awfully cold. Few teams would be willing to dish out draft capital for an oft-injured, merely average signal-caller. Especially not for one with over $50 million remaining on his current contract. And even if Garoppolo was traded, any new team would immediately look to rework that deal anyway, likely costing Garoppolo millions.

The only real way to improve his own stock value would be to have a “season of seasons” this year and culminating in a Super Bowl victory in which he ended up being the star not only would ensure his market would likely be hot in 2022, but it would certainly do massive good for whatever deal he winds up singing in 2023 when his current contract is set to expire.

Jimmy Garoppolo winning a Super Bowl helps 49ers, too

No clue why PFT thinks Jimmy G winning a Super Bowl creates “a mess” of a situation for the Niners.

Teams literally are willing to put themselves in salary-cap hell down the road just to keep a Super Bowl window alive for a little bit longer (see the New Orleans Saints), and if Garoppolo wins a championship with San Francisco?

Well, the 49ers would be Super Bowl champions. What other goal is there? How is that messy?

Rhetoric and hot-take cannons aside, there are plenty of other reasons why a Jimmy G-led Super Bowl win would benefit the Niners. Yes, they’re intending on replacing him with Lance. Yes, that could happen in 2022 if not sooner.

But the bonuses will be felt by the fact San Francisco can sell high on Garoppolo on the trade market a little less than a year from now.

The 49ers are already poised to clear $25.6 million out of $27 million potentially owed to Garoppolo in 2022, either by the way of a trade or a cut, so that’s not too big a factor one way or another. Short on first-round picks in the next two seasons after trading up in this year’s NFL Draft for Lance, however, a commanding season from Garoppolo with a Super Bowl win on top of it would only serve to drive the bidding price upward.

And even if the Niners wind up with a package of second- and third-round picks (who knows how the market will be), that could still be vital ammunition to stockpile some much-needed cheap rookie contracts over the next four-plus years.

See, PFT? San Francisco wins with a Jimmy G Super Bowl win, too.

But we appreciate your sentiments. Seriously.

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