49ers: 5 Canadian sleeper prospects to target in 2021 NFL Draft

Oregon Ducks safety Jevon Holland (8) Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
Oregon Ducks safety Jevon Holland (8) Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports /
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Minnesota defensive back Benjamin St-Juste (25) Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports /

49ers Target No. 2: If the 49ers are looking for a confident cornerback, Benjamin St-Juste is perfect

Last season, the 49ers’ secondary was lackluster, to say the least. With the departure of Richard Sherman, the team will be looking for someone to replace the vocal leader on defense.

Minnesota cornerback Benjamin St-Juste is extremely confident in his abilities, it’s only fitting he’s been training at the Mamba Sports Academy in California.

Daniel Jeremiah suggested the Montreal, Quebec-born athlete fits the bill of an NFC West rival:

"Big, long, athletic corner who showed up at the Senior Bowl, and he was impressive when you see him, just a bigger looking kid. I’ll be curious to see what he runs, that would be the one question mark: just how much pure, top-end juice does he really have? An interesting player. He reminded me of current Green Bay cornerback Kevin King who has been a solid player for the Packers, coming out of Washington. He’s a classic Seattle Seahawk-type corner."

The 49ers enjoyed Sherman’s time, but they’d certainly be more than happy to have a guy start and develop his career in the Bay Area rather than get him later on.

St-Juste is an extremely smart kid. It was something he wanted to focus on before making the jump to the NFL.

“I went to Minnesota and thought, ‘I’m going to play and start, that’s all nice. I’ll go to the NFL but I want to make sure I have my master’s.’ I’m just trying to make sure I maximize my opportunity to go to college for free,” he mentioned to the Canadian Press. 

He’s another CFL prospect who’ll just be drafted to a Canadian team for his rights because if things go according to plan, St-Juste is going to play in the NFL.