SF 49ers fans can jump on Bills bandwagon after Wild Card round

If you’re an SF 49ers fan and looking for a team to root for, the Buffalo Bills will welcome you on the bandwagon.

As SF 49ers fans, we’ve become accustomed to rooting for other teams once the season ends. But it’s always tough to decide which fan base to join forces with.

Twitter was extremely active during Saturday’s Wild Card matchup between the LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks. Many SF 49ers fans wanted both teams to lose, while others decided who they despised less. The general consensus was “we’re fine with the Rams winning, as long as they lose next week.”

The Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints (with former SF 49er wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and linebacker Kwon Alexander) aren’t going to gain a lot of temporary bandwagons passes from the Bay Area.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could potentially see some fans root for quarterback Tom Brady and some of the league’s best veteran players. The same goes for the Baltimore Ravens with league MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson.

While cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs is just plain wrong. Sorry, Joe Montana. We’re still bitter about Super Bowl LIV.

This leaves us with two: The Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills.

Northern California residents and fans of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors might have a rough time cheering for any Cleveland team. The rivalry was set when both the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers played each other in four straight NBA Finals.

Now we’re left with just the Buffalo Bills. For the first time since 1995, they’ve won a playoff game. To put it in perspective, and apologies if this makes you feel old, I was 20 months old. It’s been that long.


Why SF 49ers fans should cheer for Buffalo

The Bills Mafia is one of the greatest fan bases in NFL history. Famous for their pre-game tailgating and table breaking, they’ve had to pause some traditions due to the pandemic. But it didn’t stop 6,700 fans from being rowdy in the Wild Card game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

SF 49ers can relate to being some of the best fans in the NFL. Many have been loyal since the 1980s and have seen it all.


Many Super Bowl appearances

Buffalo went to four straight Super Bowls from 1990 through 1993. Unfortunately, they never had the confetti rain on their celebration. Only heartbreak. However, they were lead by legendary quarterback Jim Kelly. They also had a kid by the name of Doug Flutie who found himself on a cereal box called “Flutie Flakes.”

San Francisco won four Super Bowls in the 1980s and was lead by legends Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Buffalo will be looking to get into the Super Bowl win column this year. And, they have a great opportunity to do so. They’re lead by Josh Allen, who grew up an SF 49ers fan.


SF 49ers are similar to Bills

The Bills and 49ers faced off on Monday Night Football this season and we all got to witness just how good the Buffalo is. The connection Allen has with receiver Stefon Diggs is elite, their running game with Allen, Zack Moss and Devin Singletary is practically unstoppable, and their defense is good enough to help propel the team to victory.

New York state’s local football team is young and exciting to watch. The Bills went the past three seasons trying to build up to where they are now. The Bills front office believed in their quarterback, got him weapons like Diggs, kept developing him, and now they’re a couple of games away from a date in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The SF 49ers could be the spitting image of the Buffalo Bills in the very near future. The 49ers have a great running game, their defense is always elite and will get better when injured players return, and when they get their mobile quarterback they’ll be extremely scary.

We could be witnessing some extraordinary during these 2020 NFL playoffs and it could be the Buffalo Bills winning their first-ever Super Bowl.

Something SF 49ers fans can certainly get behind.