Pumped-up SF 49ers reactions from Week 16 upset of Cardinals

Jeff Wilson Jr., San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Jeff Wilson Jr., San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise breaks down live action from Week 16 for the SF 49ers against the Cardinals, as the Niners managed to play spoiler.

  • Two games to go, can the SF 49ers help spoil the Cardinals Christmas?
  • Which reminds me, I hope everybody had a Happy Holidays!

    Ugh, Kyler Murray throws wildly off the back foot and somehow it’s a perfect drop.

    Big hit from Tarvarius Moore there, that’ll ruin someone’s Christmas.

    Cardinals get the field goal and take an early 3-0 lead.

    I would have followed in more detail but I was slightly occupied.

  • Ok, C.J. Beathard time!
  • Well, Beathard time didn’t last long and Arizona gets the ball back.

    Great pressure and the SF 49ers make the Cardinals drive end very quick.

  • Welcome back, George Kittle, this really makes my Christmas to see him back.
  • Beathard has been showing some good zip in his passes, two good games here would make the Niners think about his future.

  • Yes sir! Beathard to Jeff Wilson, and the 49ers open the account!
  • I’m actually really intrigued to see what Beathard does this game, given how big this is for the Cardinals in the playoff race.

    The first quarter ends with the 49ers up 7-3, but Arizona is driving down the field hard.

    Beathard has actually been pretty good so far, he’s usually not known for being a high-IQ quarterback in his previous starts, but he’s shown a lot of patience and poise.

    That quarter was also shorter than I thought.

    To continue the SF 49ers’ injuries woes, K’Waun Williams is being taken off in the cart. Ugh.

    The defense rallied excellently, though, it’s been a strong start by the team.

    Wilson has had such a great game so far, he’s run hard and has his touchdown reception already.

    Well, you can’t blame Beathard for that, a penalty and two bad drops derail that drive.

    Murray escapes from heavy pressure, the Niners are just not able to contain mobile QBs.

    To be fair, if it was that easy, everyone would be able to do it.

    Kerry Hyder has been one of the few great stories this year, 8.5 sacks for him.

    Williams is back! And a big tackle on Larry Fitzgerald means the 49ers are making the Cardinals think hard on this 4th-and-short.

    And they’re going for it.

    Stop them and it’s excellent field position.

    Unfortunately, he does get it.

    Some excellent coverage on Murray by the SF 49ers defenders, they’re learning a lot from their first game this year.

    Did… did DeAndre Hopkins drop the football!?

    Well, the Niners drive goes nowhere, so they need a big punt here to reverse the field.

    Well, it was good enough to go past halfway very comfortably.

  • Big hit by Ahkello Witherspoon and the 49ers subsequently shut the Cardinals offense down.
  • SF 49ers will get a two-minute drill here.

    No wait, the Cardinals are going for it!

    And Murray gets there by scrambling, that was predictable.

    Great coverage by Jason Verrett, Hopkins will catch that 99 percent of the time, but Verrett swipes the ball out of his hands and stops a certain touchdown.

    Field goal is good, and it’s 7-6 to San Francisco.

    Now 35 seconds to go, will the SF 49ers try a response or take the knee?

    They’re going to have a go here.

    Well they’re going to be able to go for a Hail Mary if nothing else.

    Man, that was a horrible pass, that should have been a pick six.

    They’re saying Beathard fumbled the ball, but it looked like his arm went forward.

    I guess it was a fumble. Should be inconsequential.

    Arizona kicked the ball too, but the refs missed it. Naturally.

    Here we go, what can the SF 49ers do to begin the half?

  • Woo, a bit of reverse trickery to Brandon Aiyuk!
  • Great block by Beathard, too.

    Jordan Reed drops a catch, albeit a difficult one, as the defender knocks the ball from his hands.

    Overall a good start for the offense, but Robbie Gould misses from inside 50 yards!?

    Still 7-6 to the 49ers.

    Nickel blitz by Williams is good! Sacks are my favorite thing to watch.

    When we’re doing it, at least.

    The defense has been amazing when you consider all the outs this year.

    Robert Saleh deserves a head coaching role, but I’ll be sad to see him go.

    Man, I love Wilson, it’s amazing how easy Kyle Shanahan finds overlooked talent like him at running back.

    Kittle may be on a snap count, but his impact has been so large today. He’s just that special.

    And don’t take anything from Beathard, he’s for the most part been pretty good versus a team with everything to play for.

    How on earth did McKinnon get there? What hustle that was.

  • Touchdown! Beathard to Kyle Juszczyk!
  • I don’t know if it’s just the Cardinals didn’t have much film on him or if he’s legitimately developed, but Beathard looks so different to when he was starting a few years ago.

    The SF 49ers have contained the Cardinals offense so well this game, can they continue?

    Fumble and San Francisco football! What a big play!

    Or was it a fumble? That’s close.

    The fact this is called a fumble may keep the ball with San Francisco.

    Call confirmed! Niners ball!

    It’s a shame San Francisco couldn’t do anything on the drive, but still the chance to pin them here.

    I loathe undisciplined penalties, WHY would Darrion Daniels want to hit Hopkins when he’s being driven backwards hard? I hate that.

  • Another great stand by the SF 49ers, as Fred Warner came so close to an interception.
  • Arizona going aggressive here! Can the 49ers stop them in their own territory?

    Murray scrambles for a first down, you would think there would be a spy given the last time the Cardinals converted a fourth down in this game.

    Another sack! D.J. Jones!

    And it’s ruined by allowing a deep reception. Ugh.

    14-6 to the 49ers to end the third quarter, can they hang on?

    Hopkins interfered with in the end zone. Ugh.

    The Niners couldn’t keep Kenyon Drake out forever, and the Cardinals are going for two points to tie it up here.

    No good! 49ers keep the lead!

    The big thing with that failed two point conversion, a touchdown (and extra point) puts the SF 49ers up by two scores.

    Kittle drops the ball!? Oh geez.

    The screen to McKinnon was SO close, but just not enough.

    The tackling has been amazing by the defense in this game.

    Will Arizona go aggressive again here?

    Yes they will.

    NO GOOD!

    Warner with the deflection!

    And it takes one play for Wilson to almost run for a touchdown!

    Wide open! Beathard to Juszczyk again, three touchdown passes for Beathard!

    Wow, Gould misses the extra point and it remains one score!

    20-12 to the 49ers.

    Not Gould’s best game.

    But full marks to the defense so far, can they hold the Cardinals again?

    All we need is one of those deflections to just fall into the arms of a defender, just one.

    Cardinals are slowly driving down the field here, what can the defense do to respond.

    Big fourth down here.




    Wilson just having a career day, 169 yards rushing so far.

    Beathard arguably has had a career day, too.

    Can you say Beathard deserves a spot on the roster based off this game? No. But does this game make you curious to see what he can do against Seattle in the season finale? Absolutely.

    Can Wilson make it to 200 yards? Yes he can!

    Now, can he make it to 200 rushing yards?

    Two-minute warning, two minutes until the SF 49ers potentially spoil the playoff chances of Arizona!

    Next. SF 49ers shock Cardinals, C.J. Beathard gets second career win. dark

    If Gould hits this field goal, it’s the first two possession lead for the entire game.

    NO GOOD!

    Absolutely incredible. That is an unforgiveable miss.

    It’s down to the defense, can they get it done one more time?

    Fourth down, the SF 49ers just need to hold it for one more play.


    Man, Murray looks like he got hurt pretty badly. You don’t like to see that. Fair hit, though, by Alex Barrett.

    The 49ers will kneel it out, and that’ll do it for the penultimate game of the season.