Bills vs. SF 49ers: 109 overreactions from Week 13 loss

Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox (88) against the San Francisco 49ers Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox (88) against the San Francisco 49ers Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

The SF 49ers lost ugly to the Bills on Monday Night Football, prompting some necessary overreactions in a game that wasn’t as close as it seemed.

  • Welcome, as the SF 49ers have a huge game ahead for their playoff hopes!
  • A win could very well set them up for a shot at the playoffs still.

    The Washington-Steelers game cut into the game coverage, so I’ve begun just as the Niners begin their first drive backed up against the end zone.

    Pass interference extends the drive, a bit ticky-tack, but we’ll take it.

  • Raheem Mostert got cut by how many teams again? Insane.
  • SF 49ers might just ram it down the throat at this rate.

  • Great pass by Nick Mullens to Jordan Reed under pressure.
  • Pressure has been the downfall of Mullens, so that’s a positive start.

    Nick Mullens slipped and… threw an incompletion.

    Might have been a late hit come to think of it.

  • Brandon Aiyuk dropped the ball… and then caught it again. Good recovery.
  • Jeff Wilson runs it up right to the goal line, this is a good drive, to say the least.

    That’s surely a touchdown! Why is that short!?

    Well, give credit to the officials, that’s a good call.

    Fourth down, the ball cannot possibly be any closer.

    Wait, now a challenge. I don’t think this is getting overturned.

    Nope, fourth down. A mirror image of the Buffalo drive.

    The 49ers get stopped running the ball again, both teams show up big on defense.


    SF 49ers ball!

  • Josh Allen and Zack Moss botch the handoff, the only bad thing is it wasn’t recovered in the end zone.
  • Second chance here for San Francisco.

    ANOTHER run. You know you can pass the ball, right?

    Sixth straight running play, nothing else called.

    TOUCHDOWN! Mullens throws it to Aiyuk on the play action.

    You have to assume that was the plan all along.

    7-0 to San Francisco.

    If Buffalo could just hand the ball back again, that’d be wonderful.

    Allen using his legs to buy time and he’s just throwing it down the field.

    Other than Patrick Mahomes, he is the most physically talented QB in the NFL it must be said.

    End of the first quarter, SF 49ers in front.

    The defense has not looked like stopping the passing game so far.

    Apparently, Allen can point out penalties and get them called.

    To be fair, it was there.

    Touchdown to Buffalo.

    Allen was perfect on that drive, they’ll need a plan for that.

    Did the Buffalo defender just do a gut-wrench suplex on Aiyuk?

    That’s a question for the wrestling fans.

  • Deebo Samuel: Running Back.
  • Drop on third down, but that was a poor pass behind the player by Mullens.



    Oh no, penalty on the SF 49ers.

  • Richard Sherman panicked, and that’s going to give the ball back to Buffalo.
  • And now Buffalo is driving down the field, wonderful.

    The defense has just not looked like stopping them at all apart from that interception.

    Even the fumble was all on Buffalo.

    Oooh, the SF 49ers stop them on third down, will Buffalo go for it here?

    No, they can’t.

    Touchdown to Buffalo.

    Niners do need a response here.

    Well done by Mullens to evade traffic and get the ball to Kendrick Bourne.

    Two-minute warning now.

    And the drive stalls in midfield.

    Buffalo wants to try for one more score before halftime.

    Allen is just ridiculously good at escaping pressure.

    And they just drive effortlessly into field-goal range, the defense has frankly been abysmal and incapable of stopping a scrambling quarterback again.

    17-7 to the Bills at halftime.

    The SF 49ers need to score right away or they’re going to risk the game being broken wide open.

    Mullens almost intercepted on the first play of the second half. Not a good start.

    The second pass is amazing, however.

    Wilson with a nice gain and there’s promise in this drive.

    Toss play gets broken up right away, ugh.

    Need a big play to get the first down here, but it’s been a good drive so far.

    They won’t get it, but they can get the field goal.

    17-10 to Buffalo, the Niners did start positive at least.

    Once again, Buffalo drives down the field with ease. The defense has been powerless to stop Allen and the Bills.

    Finally, a holding penalty called on the Bills.

    Hell, finally there’s a flag on their offense.

  • Kentavius Street with a frankly stupid penalty hitting Allen. Why would you want to hit a quarterback without the ball, of course, you’re getting called. Stupid.
  • A receiver is wide open and it’s a touchdown. The defense is getting an F.

    Except for Warner, he’s awesome.

    Aiyuk bobbles the pass, and it’s now been intercepted and it’s almost returned for a Bills touchdown.

    That’ll describe this game perfectly.

    Nothing wrong with the pass either.

    Ironically, the defense seems to be playing better when Buffalo already has the ball in the red zone.

    Some penalties have helped.

    A field goal is good, and it’s 27-10 to Buffalo.

    The SF 49ers need a touchdown desperately to have any chance.

    Deep pass to Aiyuk is good! The deep pass isn’t something you see often with the 49ers, but that was beautiful.

    Touchdown! Kyle Jusczcyk dives over the line and the Niners aren’t out of this.

    27-17 to Buffalo, can the defense get a stop?

    End of the third quarter, can the 49ers make the comeback?

    Dion Jordan blindside sacks Allen! Finally, the 49ers get to him!

    Big third down coming here.

    Stefon Diggs open by a criminal amount of yards. That can’t happen.

    Another third down and Buffalo is stuffed short! Can the Niners get the stop here on fourth down?

    Buffalo decided to try for the hard count, are they going to kick the field goal?

    No, they’re going for it here.

    And again, Diggs is open for a criminal amount of space.

    Wide. Open. Again.

    Touchdown to the Bills.

    I’m sorry but any publication that gives the 49ers defense anything other than an F needs to look at the game again. This has been pathetic.

    The offense hasn’t been perfect but it’s had moments. The defense has one fourth-down stop on the goal line and that’s about it.

    First-ever catch for Charlie Woerner, that’s a nice moment at least.

    Mostert with a BIG run there, the 49ers aren’t giving up just yet.

    A second catch for Woerner there.

    Why would you run the ball when you need to save time and literally not one run at the goal line has worked all game? Dumb play call.

    Touchdown, Bourne gets in there.

    No, it’s called back. Just short.

    Now false start on Mullens. Ugh.

    And that’s an interception and the game. Ugh.

    Well, can the 49ers get a garbage-time touchdown to someone?

    Woerner would be a nice moment.

    Not much to report on the garbage time drive.

    Wow, that was an impressive catch by Bourne. Give him the garbage time touchdown instead.

    Next. 49ers grades from Week 13 walloping by Josh Allen, Bills. dark

    And the winner of the garbage time touchdown sweepstakes is Jordan Reed!

    Well, that’ll do it for now. The SF 49ers fall to 5-7 and will need to win at least three of the last four to have any chance.

    Will they get there? We’ll see, one game at a time.