SF 49ers: 146 reactions from Week 12 win vs. LA Rams

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 29: Deebo Samuel #19 of the San Francisco 49ers runs with the ball during the second half against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on November 29, 2020 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 29: Deebo Samuel #19 of the San Francisco 49ers runs with the ball during the second half against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium on November 29, 2020 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise’s resident Aussie reacts and overreacts to the SF 49ers impressive come-from-behind victory in Week 12 against the LA Rams.

  • Well, it’s rivalry game time for the SF 49ers!
  • The Niners get some people back from injury, so it’ll be interesting to see if the game versus the LA Rams is more competitive than previous weeks.

    Well, the offense petered out quick.

    FUMBLE! SF 49ers recover!

    Some good luck early for the 49ers.

    Can San Francisco take advantage?

  • Raheem Mostert makes such a change to the dynamic of the 49ers offense.
  • Nick Mullens pass deflected at the line and intercepted, ugh.
  • 49ers defense just gave up a massive gain on a bootleg which was much too easy for the Rams.

    I was going to say Jared Goff hasn’t missed a pass yet, but then he flat-out misses Cooper Kupp for a first down, thank goodness.

    The Rams elect to kick the field goal instead of go for it, and it’s good.

    3-0 to the Rams.

    OK offense, let’s try this again.

  • Just give the ball to Deebo Samuel, that works.
  • “Give the ball to Deebo Samuel” is an offensive strategy I am 100 percent behind.

    And the SF 49ers continue with this strategy.

    Mostert finds the end zone and it’s a great response by San Francisco!

    7-3 to the 49ers.

    Can the defense continue this momentum?

  • Interception! Welcome back, Richard Sherman!
  • That was just a big overthrow.

    And AGAIN the 49ers turn the ball over right after getting it.

    Jeff Wilson just loses the ball.

    A strong defensive effort means the SF 49ers won’t give up any points at least.

    First quarter ends, and it’s 7-3 to the Niners.

    The 49ers will punt again, and right now it’s a stalemate.

  • Kerry Hyder is easily the best of the backups this year.
  • This has been a big defensive battle so far.

    That was an impressive run by Wilson, which will go some way to making up his fumble.

    The 49ers are very slowly going down the field, but that delay of game on third down is a killer.

    Overthrow by Mullens to a wide open Jordan Reed, that was a regulation throw.

    The 49ers defense makes another stop, and this has been a very good game for them.

    The offense… not so much.

    The same could be said about the Rams.

    I haven’t really had much to say as a result.

    Man, I love Deebo, the man refuses to go down.

    Mostert runs for a good gain and the SF 49ers are threatening here.

    Just as I say that, a holding call against San Francisco.

    ANOTHER penalty. There has been some shocking discipline from the 49ers offense this year.

    Screen pass caught for a big loss. A promising drive killed by penalties.

    Wow, Jerick McKinnon got relatively close on 3rd-and-28 there.

    To be fair, the Rams were essentially playing a prevent defense.

    Jamar Taylor clutching his knee, not looking good.

    I loathe bad discipline, why Arik Armstead dove in Jared Goff’s knees is frankly beyond me.

    As for Taylor, it’s a shame, as he’s been good at times replacing K’Waun Williams.

    Not perfect, but a perfectly good backup.

    He’s in very bad pain.

    Kyle Shanahan calls a timeout, I wonder if it’s so the officials might look at the ball spot.

    If they did, they didn’t change it.


    SF 49ers recover!

    Good return too, the Niners have a chance to get some points here.

    Mullens hasn’t had much time to throw on some plays thanks to Aaron Donald.

    Well why is that not roughing the passer on Mullens!?

    Oh the Rams called timeout, fair enough then.

    Mullens completes it to Kendrick Bourne, and the 49ers can go for a field goal to end the half.

    And it’s no good, the score stays at 7-3.

    Here we go, Rams to get the ball.



    14-3 to the 49ers!

    Austin Walter injured, but he jogs off under his own power.

    Finally a holding call on the Rams.

    You can tell the Niners defense are salivating at the chance of causing another turnover.

  • Jimmie Ward has been the MVP of the defense today.
  • The long pass doesn’t work and the SF 49ers now have a chance to break it wide open.

    Mullens should have been picked off, but the Rams defender was so shocked at how easy it was that he dropped it.

    I wish that was sarcasm, but it isn’t.

    San Francisco’s defense needs to hold up here.

    Yeah, Goff made sure to slide that time.

    Niners defense comes up big AGAIN!

    Can Mullens get some sort of drive going.

    A touchdown would be huge for the SF 49ers here.

    Deebo had no right to make that first down. The man is a machine.

    Pass interference on the Rams surely!

    Richie James got flattened way before the ball got there.

    Sure enough, that is the call.

    The 49ers are driving methodically down the field here.

    Mullens strip-sacked, but does at least get the ball back.

    Shanahan is challenging the play, but the most it’s going to do is save some yards.

    Still, it could help Robbie Gould after he missed the first field goal.

    The challenge is successful, which saves seven yards.

    The kick is good, and it’s 17-3 to the 49ers.

    This was not the time for the Niners to give up a big gain on an underneath route.

    The Rams are going no huddle here.

    SF 49ers got lucky there, Darrell Henderson was going for a touchdown if that pass was accurate.

    Ward with some good coverage and they’ll restrict the Rams to three points here.

    17-6 to San Francisco.

    Still a chance for the Niners to break it open, just need one big drive.

    Rams fumble-return touchdown. Ugh.

    And this breaks the game open, just in the other direction.

    The 49ers need to respond immediately now.

    Aaron Donald is unblockable.

    Unfortunately, the 49ers are just not good enough offensively.

    They’ll need to lean on defense to win this game.

    And the very next play, Cam Akers runs for over 60 yards.

    Absolutely ridiculous, it should not be at this point.

    2020 in a nutshell.

    Well, it’s been fun, but the Rams now have the lead.

    20-17 to the Rams.

    I actually wonder if C.J. Beathard is a better choice at quarterback right now.

    He brings a stronger arm and scrambling ability, Mullens hasn’t been able to sustain drives.

    As I say that, Mullens stretches the field vertically… kind of.

    The drive stalls, Mullens just cannot sustain drives and it’s killing a chance for a win.

    Hyder must be No. 1 in “Best things to come out of this sunk season.”

    The SF 49ers still have some chances to win here.

    A drive slowly developing here for San Francisco.

    Kyle Juszczyk drops the ball… or is it a fumble.

    That’s a rare time a fumble is preferable.

    Attention: running the ball on first down isn’t working!

    The commentator is talking such bull right now about Mullens throwing a dangerous pass, it was actually perfectly thrown but dropped.

    Field goal is good and it’s 20-20.

    If the 49ers can get a defensive stop, they’ll have the last drive (presumably).

    Big third down coming up here.

    Overthrown! Niners get the ball back!

    The Niners were almost pinned back, but the Rams gaffed on special teams.

    Two-minute warning, the 49ers just need a field goal.


    Any thin shred of a playoff hope may be resting on this drive.

    This is borderline range for a field goal.

    They need a first down here to bleed the Rams timeouts.

    But they won’t get there.

    This is a borderline call, Gould could potentially kick it but it’s a huge kick.

    They’re going for it.

    Got it!

    27 seconds to get into position.

    The play is under review, I don’t think it will be overturned.

    The play stands!

    Bourne drops a pass, albeit not the easiest pass to get.

    Naturally, Deebo showed them how it’s done.

    Mostert runs it into place, and it’s going to be yet again down to the final play against the Rams.

    Here comes the kick.





    So this will be an even closer kick now.

    Let’s try this again.




    Next. SF 49ers reinforcements make huge plays in win vs. LA Rams. dark


    SF 49ers win!

    San Francisco improves to 5-6, and the playoffs are still a chance!

    It was an ugly win but a win nonetheless, and I’ll end it here.