Jason Verrett is SF 49ers first-half MVP of 2020

Jason Verrett #22 is congratulated by teammate Jamar Taylor #47 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Jason Verrett #22 is congratulated by teammate Jamar Taylor #47 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Just past halfway through the SF 49ers’ disappointing 2020 campaign,  Jason Verrett is a shining bright spot.

The 2020 NFL season has not been the season SF 49ers fans hoped it would be. The Niners have been decimated by injuries, and halfway through the season, it seems like any serious postseason hopes for this team must be given up after a substandard 4-5 start.

However, there have been some silver linings to this season, and one of them has been cornerback Jason Verrett. Verrett has shined for the 49ers, and just over halfway through the season, is the Niners’ most valuable player.

Verrett came to San Francisco in 2019 after leaving the Los Angeles Chargers. He was a Pro Bowler in 2015, but then struggled with injuries and eventually left the Chargers. After coming to the SF 49ers in 2019, he suffered an injury and did not play for any of the 2019 season outside of two forgettable snaps in Week 3.

In 2020, it looked like Verrett would continue to be an injury bust, as he did not play in the 49ers’ first two games. Then, in Week 3, Verrett finally saw the field again. And he looked fantastic. With No. 1 cornerback Richard Sherman out, Verrett was clearly the best corner the 49ers had on the field.

Since Week 3, Verrett has started every game for San Francisco and has continued to shine. He has been the best corner on the SF 49ers and possibly the best corner in the NFL. Pro Football Focus named him to their midseason All-Pro Team, one of only three cornerbacks to make the list. Verrett has been incredible and has finally recovered from his injuries to be a true star.

For that reason, he is the 49ers’ MVP just over halfway through the season.

His value comes from more than just his on-field performance. It also comes from how the Niners were able to acquire him. Currently, the team is paying him only $1,047,500 on a one-year deal this season. While re-signing him to a likely much higher contract should be a priority for the SF 49ers in the offseason, they currently have top talent at the cornerback position playing a bargain price.

In addition to his stellar play and his bargain value, the final reason Verrett is the 49ers’ MVP is when they needed him most, he stepped up.

The Niners have been decimated by injuries this season, and the cornerback spot was no exception. But, when San Francisco needed a player to step up, Verrett did and has been fantastic since. Although this season does not seem to be on the path to playoffs, with seven playoff spots this year, anything is possible. And if the Niners are able to scrape out a spot, Verrett will be a big reason why.

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2020 has been disappointing for San Francisco fans, to say the least. However, Verrett has shined and been one of the best in the league at his position. Combined with his on-field play, the fact the SF 49ers were able to sign him on the cheap and he then stepped up exactly when the team needed him, make him the team’s MVP as we pass the halfway point of the season.