118 thoughts during SF 49ers loss vs. Seahawks in Week 8

Brandon Aiyuk, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Brandon Aiyuk, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise’s resident Aussie breaks down the SF 49ers’ terrible Week 8 loss to the Seahawks.

  • Welcome to everyone, as the SF 49ers take on the Seattle Seahawks in this rivalry game!
  • Can the 49ers get going early and get the upset?

    Seahawks to get the ball.

  • Sack! K’Waun Williams waste no time coming back!
  • That was really impressive by the defense.

  • Damn, drop by George Kittle. The slant over the middle of the field seems to be working at least.
  • Well, that Wildcat play sure didn’t work.

    I appreciate the concept of a trick play, but maybe the Wildcat isn’t quite for us.

    Perfect punt by Mitch Wishnowsky! Seattle backed up at the end zone.

    False start… well, that’s really not going to be much yardage.

    Great pressure by the SF 49ers, but Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson for a reason.

    Seattle has had a few false starts early. It’s nice to see other teams get flagged instead of us.

    Williams blows up another play off a blitz, this time stuffing a run for loss.

    Seattle waves the flag on that drive, good work by the SF 49ers defense.

    49ers to start at midfield, big chance for some points here.

    SF 49ers willing to pass on first down, which certainly helps to get the defense confused.

    Tevin Coleman gets some flak on occasions, but it can’t be underestimated what an important cog he is in the running back rotation.

    Ugh, JaMycal Hasty fumbled.

    Seattle recovers.

    I love Hasty, but he’s going to need better ball security.

    That ball should be coming back, Seattle player touched it while out of bounds.

    That was well out of bounds, I cannot for the life of me see why the refs gave that to Seattle unless their line of sight was blocked somehow.

    49ers ball, they made the right call.

    And it’s an interception anyway.

  • Former 49er D.J. Reed with the pick, Jimmy Garoppolo threw behind Kittle.
  • Unfortunately, the Seahawks offense has awakened, they may take full advantage here.

    And they do, Seahawks touchdown.

    Extra point no good, the quarter will end 6-0.

    Well, the SF 49ers need to recover fast here. The Seattle offense isn’t going to let up now it’s woken up.

    49ers get a roughing the passer call to move them down the field early.

    49ers are threatening to respond here, it’s a good reply so far.

    Short fourth down here, what do the 49ers do?

    Aggressive play-calling here, and it works!

    Hasty gets over for a first down.

    That is a perfect strike on third down by Garoppolo. Absolutely perfect.

    49ers just need one more yard to strike back.

    TOUCHDOWN! Hasty sticks the ball over the line!

    49ers lead, 7-6.

    Can the 49ers get a stop here?

    The defense has a handle on the running part of Seattle’s offense, so it’s all down to if they can slow down the guy that’s probably the MVP at this point in time.

    The 49ers have an issue with undisciplined defensive penalties at times, and that’s the first one for today.

    D.K. Metcalf is just picking on Emmanuel Moseley, this time over the top.

    Touchdown called to Seattle, but this will come back as the foot was out of bounds.

    There’s been a few calls relating to out of bounds that haven’t been quite right today.

    D.K. Metcalf with another touchdown catch, but there wasn’t much that can be done about that. He’s just too big.

    The coverage was actually really good, considering the short route.

    Three minutes for the 49ers to respond, they will get the ball back too.

    The ball hasn’t been in Kittle’s hands enough today.

    Well, that drive went absolutely nowhere fast.

    Seattle’s drive went nowhere fast too, there’s a chance for the 49ers unless they want to go into the half as is.

    The ball is too far back to try anything so they’re going to go into the half 13-7 down.

    A totally accidental version of the fumblerooski there.

    The 49ers have been so disappointing on offense. The running game hasn’t worked and the passing hasn’t looked dangerous at most points.

    Tevin Coleman ruled out for the game, that doesn’t help matters.

    It took a while but there’s that long scramble by a mobile quarterback that the 49ers are so bad at defending.

    So many defensive penalties, it’s honestly beyond a joke how many undisciplined flags they’ve given up.

    Unfortunately, they’re not able to keep up with Seattle now.

    Defensive stand going here, can they keep it up?

    No, they can’t, touchdown to the Seahawks.

    Incredible, Dante Pettis fumbles on the kick return and Seattle recovers it.

    Pettis looks like he did get banged up badly on that play.

    Touchdown to the Seahawks, the fourth touchdown pass for the day.

    The game is simply sunk at this point barring a complete turnaround.

    The 49ers have to score a touchdown on this drive for there to be any chance of a miraculous comeback.

    Sacked on third down, the game is becoming a sunk cost.

    The game isn’t worth watching at this point.

    However, I will continue to watch it to finish this piece for you, the readers.

    Another sack by Kerry Hyder, he’s had a solid season.

  • Oh for crying out loud, Fred Warner injured.
  • That would be the end result for today.

    There really isn’t much to talk about now, the Seahawks are slowly going down the field again.

    Garoppolo looks like he’s out and Nick Mullens will take over when the SF 49ers get the ball.

    The field goal is good, 30-7 to the Seahawks and this is a blowout.

    Let’s see if Mullens can get anything going in what is effectively garbage time.

    Kittle finally gets his second catch of the day, and Mullens is at least giving a bit of offense here.

    Kittle limping off, yet another injury to a star.

    The blocking has gone back to being very subpar, which is very concerning given the Seahawks don’t have a big pass rush.

    Kittle walking to the dressing room, the amount of injuries to stars at this point is simply ridiculous.

  • Brandon Aiyuk nearly gets over for a touchdown. Not quite there.
  • Only Garoppolo can run that patented sneak.

    Jerick McKinnon waltzes in for the garbage-time touchdown.

    30-14 to the Seahawks.

    I guess if the 49ers can get the ball back quickly, this might be interesting.

    Third down here, this is a big play for the 49ers to have any chance.

    And instead, Wilson has the easiest bootleg throw he will ever have.

    The SF 49ers get a stop! There might be a prayer here.

    It’ll be very important to hold onto all the timeouts here.

    Aiyuk catches the deep pass! This is a big moment here.

    Kendrick Bourne gets a lot of yards after the catch!

    TOUCHDOWN! Ross Dwelley dives over the line!

    Big two-point conversion coming up.

    It’s good! McKinnon catches the ball!

    But it won’t hold, McKinnon got touched before the goal line.

    What is it with games against the Seahawks and teams being just short of the endzone?

    Onside kick needed here.

    The onside kick no good, but they can still get the ball if they hold Seattle here.

    The Seahawks are just passing the ball, they don’t trust the running game.

    Unfortunately, they are succeeding.

    The good news is the Seahawks kept going out of bounds so the clock didn’t bleed too much.

    Now the Seahawks are running the ball.

    Jimmie Ward with the stupidest play you will ever see.

    Wilson was well on the way down, and Ward leads with the helmet into Wilson’s head.

    Some might say the call is bad because Wilson did fake a slide earlier, but Ward launched when Wilson was truly on the way down.

    If he had used his hands instead to push him down, he might have a better case.

    Tyler Lockett gets a first down off the bootleg and that will be the game.

    Touchdown Seattle off the quick run.

    The two-point conversion ended up being irrelevant, the Seahawks never gave the ball back.

    The 49ers will have a chance of some more garbage time points, but there won’t be time now.

    Well, there might be room for one more touchdown here, but who will it go to?

    I want it to be Aiyuk, I like it when the rookies score. Or Hasty.

    The two-minute warning here.

    Touchdown to Aiyuk! I love that.

    May as well onside kick it. Let’s not die wondering.

    37-27 to the Seahawks.

    SF 49ers abused by D.K. Metcalf, Seahawks in disjointed Week 8 loss. dark. Next

    This wasn’t the blowout I feared it was, although it needs to be said that the game has been well out of reach for a while now.

    No good, so that should be the game there.

  • That’ll do it for me, the 49ers fall to 4-4 and have the Packers on Thursday Night Football.
  • It’ll be a tough assignment for sure.