93 thoughts during SF 49ers Week 7 win vs. New England Patriots

New England Patriots wide receiver Gunner Olszewski (80) tackled by San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ken Webster (40) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
New England Patriots wide receiver Gunner Olszewski (80) tackled by San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ken Webster (40) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

Niner Noise’s Aussie lists his thoughts during the SF 49ers win in Week 7 against the Patriots.

  • Ugh, these early starts for the SF 49ers are killing me.
  • Well, early since I’m in Australia anyway.

    49ers to start on offense, can the team score early?

  • What a fight by Jimmy Garoppolo to scramble for a first down!
  • SF 49ers driving down the field very strongly here, thanks to George Kittle.
  • It is National Tight End Day after all.

  • Touchdown Jeff Wilson!
  • So the 49ers DO start quickly again, well done San Francisco.

    Can the defense make a strong start too? It’ll be tough with more injuries on the defensive side of the ball.

    Two players in and an SF 49ers defender is injured, yeah that seems about right.

    It’s Jason Verrett.

    Verrett is back on and the defense stops the Patriots early.

    Kittle catches a ball on a long third down, he’s started very well.

  • Garoppolo sacked, and then subsequently throws a strike to Brandon Aiyuk for a first down.
  • Deebo Samuel as a tailback! But the run will be coming back.
  • Ugh, Garoppolo overthrows the ball and it’s picked off by the Patriots.

    Ugh, how did Dion Jordan get called for hitting Cam Newton low when he was blocked into him?

    Refs refuse to consider things like that, and it’s infuriating.

    Well, the interception wasn’t totally costly, as the defense does make a stop.

    End of the first, 7-0 to the 49ers with the Patriots to try for three points when the second quarter begins.

    The kick is good, 7-3 to the SF 49ers.

    Jeff Wilson essentially doing the drive by himself.

    Nice hard count by Garoppolo, the 49ers are chipping away at the yardage here.

    Wilson continues to basically will his way down the field here.

    Aiyuk with a great jet sweep, he adds a lot with his ability to run plays like Deebo does.

    Ugh, another holding call brings it back. That sort of play is so undisciplined.

    The hold kills the drive, but Robbie Gould converts to at least make it 10-3.

  • FRED WARNER WITH THE PICK! Cam Newton forced to throw on the run and Warner is perfectly in position!
  • I wrote last week that Warner was the best player from the defense now, I 100% stand by that.

    Short field, can the SF 49ers take advantage?

    Wilson continues to trample over defenders.

    49ers threatening hard here, big play coming up on third down.


    Extra point doinks off the post, 16-3 to the Niners.

    FUMBLE… but recovered by the Patriots.

    ANOTHER FUMBLE… also recovered by the Patriots.

    But the 49ers are smelling blood.

    The 49ers defense has come up big this half.

    Another flag from the offense for holding, it’s so frustrating.

    A great fast start by JaMycal Hasty!

    An even better second touch by Hasty!

    Two-minute warning, the 49ers threatening again.

    TOUCHDOWN! Jeff Wilson with his second touchdown of the half!

    What a half this has been for the 49ers. 23-3 to San Francisco.

    Big pass by Cam coming back due to a flag, thankfully.

    Cam promptly throws the ball again for a first down.


    Emmanuel Moseley catches a large overthrow and returns it to the offensive half of the field.

    49ers may have more points yet this half.

    Garoppolo picked off, but it’s a deep pass to end the half and no chance for a field goal. So who cares?

    Here we go to start the second half!

    Patriots are driving quickly down the field here.

    Running a hurry-up offense too.

    Dre Greenlaw with the sack!

    Newton avoids a couple of sacks, but the scramble is inconsequential before Javon Kinlaw cleans him up.

    The field goal is good, 23-6 to the 49ers.

    Can the offense keep driving down the field?

    Aiyuk looks like he was so perennially underrated during the draft process.

    It’s very unlike Kittle to have flags thrown on him, he’s had two tonight.

    Aiyuk is wide open! Over the shoulder grab for a big play!

    Wilson with a third touchdown! And he’s promptly hurt.

    A Patriot defender caught his ankle underneath, he is limping off at least.

    Extra point is good and it’s 30-6.

    Hopefully, Wilson won’t be out too long.

    Wilson being carted into the rooms, such a bad end to a great career game.

    Interception! Deflection caught by Jamar Taylor.

    The 49ers are having fun here, they’re able to relax and this has been an unexpected blowout as a result.

    Wilson out is giving us extended Hasty time, and I am grateful for that at least.

    We haven’t seen Jerick McKinnon at all this game either.

    End of the third quarter, SF 49ers threatening again as the quarter ends 30-6.

    Oh for crying out loud, not Deebo Samuel too!

    Regulation field goal kicked, 33-6 to the 49ers.

    Cam Newton benched, in comes Jarrett Stidham.

    The Patriots driving down the field for some garbage time points, but the damage is done here.

    It’s been really impressive by the 49ers, they’ve ticked all the boxes.

    More importantly, the win puts them above .500 heading into some really tough games.

    With the playoff format changed and an extra wildcard team in, the 49ers just need to break even to be in the running for playoffs.

    A second roughing the passer call for New England, even in garbage time I hate these undisciplined flags with a passion.

    Jamar Taylor with a second interception today, and the fourth for the team overall in the game!

    I doubt the SF 49ers will pass again, the team will probably just bleed as much of the clock as they possibly can.

    Well, they may pass given this is a long third down coming up.

    They do pass and it’s a perfect shot to Kittle.

    Long live National Tight End Day!

    Maybe one more pass here, but the 49ers are bleeding the clock pretty well.

    I could watch Kittle blocking all day, thank goodness for highlight packages.

    Jerick McKinnon with a cameo appearance there, and the 49ers will punt.

    And a Mitch Wishnowsky cameo appearance too.

    The Patriots are content to run the clock out, they just want the game to be over right now.

    The Patriots are trying to pass for whatever reason, maybe one more chance for an interception?

    Next. SF 49ers: 4 players who need to see more playing time moving forward. dark

    Patriots trying for at least one touchdown before the end of the game.

    Kevin Givens with the sack, and that’ll run out the clock!

    33-6 win, and the biggest ever home loss for Bill Belichick!

    49ers improve to 4-3, and that’ll do it from me today.