77 thoughts during SF 49ers pathetic Week 5 loss vs. Miami Dolphins

Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise’s resident Australian dissects the SF 49ers loss to the Dolphins in Week 5.

  • Good morning all, back to some SF 49ers football!
  • No time to waste, as the 49ers are right now on offense.

    Well after that poor start, maybe there was time to waste.

    And the Dolphins immediately start picking on Brian Allen.

    Successfully, too.

    Early takeaway: Brian Allen is not NFL quality.

    Touchdown Miami, that looked entirely too easy for them.

    Ugly, ugly start.

    Hopefully, the offense can now fire up again.

  • Early Brandon Aiyuk sighting, I love that guy.
  • The offensive line just looks so absolutely horrible this year, and it may be the one positional group not affected by injuries.

    4th-and-1 you do not NOT run a quarterback sneak? Oh boy…

    The beginning to this game is not making me feel good right now.

    Brian Allen gets beat again, and that’s how the SF 49ers will lose the game at this rate.

  • Fred Warner just gets absolutely screwed in that roughing the passer call.
  • Touchdown Miami again, it’s pathetically too easy.

  • The 49ers did a nifty little play to get the ball to Deebo Samuel. More of that please.
  • Sigh. The 49ers have a good drive going and the offensive line lets someone through in a second again.

    Miami muffs the punt, will probably get out of it by throwing at Brian Allen.

    End of the first quarter, 14-0 down and a lot of work to do.

    Brian Allen gives up a catch but tackled him short of the first down so…a plus I guess.

  • The shotgun sweep just works so much better with Raheem Mostert in the team.
  • Well if you had a fullback draw as the play that gets the SF 49ers on the board, step up and claim your prize.

    Well, I’m not complaining.

    Now the defense needs to step up once again.

    Three things certain in life:

    Death, taxes and picking on Brian Allen.

    15-yard penalty on Miami, could be very important.

  • Sack! Kerry Hyder has done his utmost to help fill the holes in the SF 49ers defensive line.
  • Touchdown, why is Allen not benched? Seriously?

    This is the worst performance I have seen from a corner. Ever.

    The defense has been horrible, but hopefully, the offense continues to pick up steam.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a blindside hit and it was a miracle that fumble got back to the 49ers.
  • Garoppolo looked rattled, and now it’s punt time again.

    Brian Allen finally benched, and a less than 100-percent Ahkello Witherspoon is now in.

    This defense has been utterly abysmal.

    It’s actually hard to watch.

    A red-zone stop? Well, that’s new.

    Still going to be 24-7 unless an absolute shank of a kick occurs, however.

    It’s good.

    I don’t know what Garoppolo was thinking on that throw, but it sums up this game perfectly.

    Field goal good after a surprisingly good defensive stand, 27-7 Dolphins.

    Incredible. Why even throw that pass? This is absolutely incredible.

    Take the sack, throw it out of bounds, just don’t throw it to the safety AGAIN.

    30-7 at halftime. Absolutely pathetic.

    Garoppolo benched, supposedly to keep him safe.

    But, I’m not sure I buy that.

    I don’t think he’s permanently benched, but I think they don’t want Garoppolo to kill the team with more mistakes.

    The defense makes Miami punt to start. Finally some defensive momentum.

    Well, the offense doesn’t look any better with C.J. Beathard there. The offensive line once again didn’t help.

    Illegal contact penalty against Miami saves the 49ers there.

    Beathard has not completed a pass yet, but another flag against Miami extends the drive.

    The penalty flags have converted more third downs than the actual 49ers, that’s really bad.

    Touchdown to Kendrick Bourne, I have no idea how the drive got this far.

    30-14 game. There’s a chance, at least.

    Miami runs a fake punt and it looks good.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick hit as he’s thrown and yet somehow still throws between two defenders for a touchdown.

    This game absolutely personified.

    The flags are playing quarterback better than any of our actual quarterbacks at this point.

  • The offensive line has just derailed yet another promising drive by allowing a sack so quick, no quarterback could hope to avoid it.
  • It’s time to see Nick Mullens in the last quarter. Beathard isn’t good enough and I think it’s harsh to demote Mullens to QB3 after just one bad game given he’s had a good body of work before this.

    Of course, the flaw in this plan is Mullens is inactive.

    Can someone disguise him like Beathard?

    37-17 to the Browns.

    Ugh, can this game just be over already?

    I can only say variations of the Dolphins are blowing us out for so long.

    Another field goal to the Browns, 40-17 to them.

    The team just looks like they’re in shock and have completely given up.

    A sentiment I actually can relate to right now.

    4th down isn’t even close thanks to even more pressure right away.

    Nobody can say the quarterback play has been good for the 49ers, but I’m prepared to blame the offensive line for a lot of this.

    Chalk up another field goal, 43-17.

    Next. Who’s to blame for SF 49ers ugly Week 5 loss to Dolphins?. dark

    Beathard fumbles, Miami recover.

    If it seems like I lost interest in this game, it’d be because I have.

    Miami went for it on fourth down? They really want to run up the score, don’t they?

    No, they’re taking knees now.

    Thank god this is over.