103 thoughts during SF 49ers blowout Week 3 win vs. NY Giants

Jerick McKinnon, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Jerick McKinnon, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Join Niner Noise’s resident Australian as he goes through the SF 49ers’ Week 3 bout against the NY Giants.

  • Wow, it’s Week 3 already? Time for some more SF 49ers football!
  • Coffee in hand, let’s do this!

    As expected, the 49ers try to run the ball first.

  • Nick Mullens with a nice first down conversion to start the game.
  • Oh god, Mullens almost killed by that sack. What a hit.

    49ers drive stalls after an incomplete pass to Kendrick Bourne.

    High snap… but Robbie Gould still sinks the shot!

    Well, this defense is almost unrecognizable.

    Backups forced into starting EVERYWHERE!

    Does Terry Bradshaw just yell at everybody in every commercial he’s in?

  • Javon Kinlaw with a big play to start!
  • Like the 49ers, the Giants start with two nothing plays then a big conversion.

    FUMBLE!!!!!! 49ers recover!

    Did the Giants just try to run a TE motion sweep on us!?

    A nice throw to Jordan Reed, I’m looking forward to seeing him in action today.

    How is that not interference on Reed? The defender never looked at the ball?

    I wish we could have had interference reviews back… well, no I don’t actually.

    Oh man what a throw, and what a catch by Reed.

  • I am salivating thinking of him and a healthy George Kittle together.
  • A couple of these handoffs haven’t gone to plan.

    At all.

    Mohamed Sanu? I forgot we signed him.

    But hey, first down!

    Giants are defending their red zone well here, Mullens can’t find an avenue in and it’s now third down.

    Touchdown… but a flag on the play.

    Hands to the face against Daniel Brunskill… ugh.

    That didn’t look especially… hard to take off.

    Reed may or may not have caught the touchdown… and then gets hurt!

    Seriously, one week without an injury would be lovely.

    Two leg based injuries in the first quarter (one to either team) after the league approved the turf after six leg injuries from last week.

    Reed did not get the touchdown. But the kick is good.

    Anyone else think if Tevin Coleman got hurt one week earlier that we would have signed Devonta Freeman? Fits the mold as a guy Kyle Shanahan coached while also being a running back.

    Oh look another 49ers player injured. No kidding that so rarely happens.

    Kerry Hyder with a loveeeeely play.

    SF 49ers stop the Giants just within field-goal range, which they convert no problem.

    SF 49ers have had decent returns on offense, let’s see how a third drive goes.

    We’re into the second quarter and both teams have had no touchdowns but also no punts. Weird.

    I do love when the defense jumps offside. Except when we do it.

    Smart to see Mullens throwing underneath the coverage.

    Reed drops a ball on third down, but to be fair the throw was high and slightly wide.

    No good from 55 yards by Gould.

    Still no punt this game. It’s a score, miss the kick or turn the ball over today.

    Oh look, we jumped offside.

    Doesn’t matter, was a long completion anyway.

    Completely unnecessary holding by Dontae Johnson.

    But makes up for it with a nice play there the next play.

    Kinlaw tips the ball at the line of scrimmage! He’s having a nice day today.

    It’s now a tie game, and there remains a grand total of zero punts in this game.

    Bourne starting to get into the game a little bit now, which is good.

    BIG penalty against New York. SF 49ers get an automatic first down!

    The 49ers simply cannot run the ball right now. It isn’t working.

    How on earth did Ross Dwelley get a first down?


    It took almost the whole half, but the 49ers finally wore down the Giants and got into the end zone!

    Mullens: Pylon fixer.


    Can the SF 49ers tack on one more touchdown?

    McKinnon oddly didn’t go out of bounds there, so this will be a field goal.

    Chip shot is good and it’s a 16-6 game.

    Second half time! Can the 49ers dominate possession again?

    Can we stop falling for the Daniel Jones option, please?

    Jason Verrett with some alpha plays to start the half!

    Fourth down and at the midfield.

    Blitz got picked up and Giants convert.

    Giants driving down the field here.

    Jones AGAIN with the keeper. Is it possible to tackle him early?

    Yes, the play doesn’t count now. But still.

    Well at the very least the drive stalled. The defense bent but it didn’t break.

    It’s good, 16-9 game.

    By the way, It’s well into the third quarter and still zero punts in the game.

  • This has been the Brandon Aiyuk drive so far.


    Kyle Nelson has been abysmal snapping the ball today, it has to be said.


    The SF 49ers have been very good today it must be said. The Giants aren’t exactly the elite (similar to the Jets) but they’re going on the road undermanned and they’re performing despite everything.

    49ers finally got a sack and it’s Hyder!

    4th down in the Giants territory… and he makes it somehow.

    Or is he short? It’s tough.

    He’s short! 49ers defense comes up big!

    Three quarters down… and no punts yet!

    TOUCHDOWN! Mullens to Jeff Wilson!

    Another bad snap by Nelson.

    It’s actually at the point any subsequent touchdown may need to involve going for two points.

    Johnson had one shoe on, then the Giants had a false start. Weird play.


    JaMycal Hasty sighting!

    And a catch!

    Mullens is having himself a day!

    Just give Hasty all the carries for the rest of the game. I need my fix.

    49ers will wind down the clock as much as possible.

    Possibly a touchdown left in this game, hopefully by Hasty.

    This has been an exceptional performance by the 49ers, given their injuries.

    Wilson with one more touchdown to put the icing on the cake.

    When’s the last time you saw the long-snapper benched?

    If the 49ers can refrain from punting in the last few minutes, it will be the first time they go through a game without doing so since 1993.

    Defensive reserves are in the game now.

    Wait, DION JORDAN got a sack?!

    The guy who couldn’t beat camp bodies in the preseason?!

    I’m questioning why the Giants have their starters still in this game. Shut up shop and prepare for next week.

    Next. SF 49ers position grades from lopsided Week 3 win vs. NY Giants. dark

    Giants fumble the ball, 49ers recover and that’ll do it.

  • And that’ll do it. The SF 49ers improve to 2-1, and the team is in safe hands with Mullens as Jimmy Garoppolo heals up.
  • Join me next time for some more 49ers game coverage!