SF 49ers: 134 thoughts during Week 1 disappointment vs. Cardinals

George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Niner Noise’s resident Aussie writes down his first SF 49ers thoughts for 2020 amid a bad loss versus the Cardinals

  • It’s time for some SF 49ers football for the first time this season!
  • Unless you’re Deebo Samuel.

    Or Brandon Aiyuk.

    Or Ben Garland.

    Or *insert inevitable injury here*.

    On a more serious note, while last season I was able to do this for every single game, my availability might be more spotty this time around.

    I will certainly endeavor to keep this up after positive reviews last year however.

    OK, my mandatory cup of coffee is on hand.

    Kickoff is at 5:55 a.m South Australia time, for those wondering.

    Pray for me during any early games.

    Wait, Philadelphia lost to Washington?


    Hroniss Grasu will start at center in place of Ben Garland, I had to look him up which is generally not a good sign.

    Wild 49ers prediction: The lack of available wideouts means the debuting Jordan Reed and the technically debuting Jerick McKinnon both score touchdowns today.

  • Prediction for the first offensive play of the game: Incomplete pass by Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • Man, that is smoky.

    Welcome back George Kittle! Welcome back penalties! For us, thankfully.

  • Raheem Mostert joins the party early.
  • This might be kickable, but I say let’s go for it early.

    Well I don’t know if I’d kick the field goal, but three points is three points.

    Defense time!

    I like this defense so far, aided by an intentional grounding call.

    Pumped up Robert Saleh is my spirit animal.

    Well, time for an early chance to go two possessions up.


    That was the same route Jeff Wilson used to beat Arizona last year!

    Well it’s 10-0 for the 49ers early, let’s see how the defense goes again.

    Arizona’s current offensive game plan: Throw to DeAndre Hopkins.

    Three and out for the defense, it’s humming along nicely.

    This is about as good a start as we could hope for.

    Unfortunately the drive stalled early for the 49ers offense.

    Ugh, blocked punt.

    Touchdown Cardinals, one play turned this game right around.

    Up to Kyle Shanahan and the offense to get the 10-point lead back.

    Ugh, sack on first down.

    Is it just me or has a LOT been going on this quarter for there to still be five minutes left in it?

  • Note to the commentator, the period after a team fields a punt or a kickoff is not actually a timeout.
  • DeAndre Hopkins flagged for a block in the back, and the defense wrestles back a little momentum.

    I was convinced Trent Taylor was about to get blown the hell up on that return.

    I love a sneaky fullback dive.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Shanahan can consistently get Kittle wide open.

    I love a sneaky TE run play too.

    Did Garoppolo think he was Russell Wilson for a second?

    Oh I love this Jerick McKinnon guy!

    4th and goal on the 1!

    It looks like Mostert is short, dammit.

    The Cardinals have not been impressive, but a couple of big plays have swung their way.

    49ers challenging the call, but I don’t think this is getting overturned.

    I’m surprised Arizona haven’t tried any read options here, that was an area the 49ers struggled in last year vs. mobile QBs.

    Consecutive third down conversions by Arizona, and this drive is starting to threaten.

    Arizona gaining some serious momentum here, 49ers defense looks helpless to stop them on this drive.

    The defense managed to get a stop, thankfully.

    NO GOOD!

    The 49ers defense bent, but it didn’t break.

    Mostert was threatening to run to the house again, but Budda Baker tripped him up.

    This drive started promising, but stalled again after that McKinnon drop was almost picked off.

  • Will someone PLEASE tell the commentator that the period of time after a team catches a punt is NOT called a timeout!?
  • I know the lack of preseason games doesn’t help, but the missed tackles are starting to frustrate me.

    Cardinals have been much better on offense for this second quarter, save that one drive when the 49ers got all the way to the 1 yard line.


    Kittle is limping and I am now panicking.

    4th and 2 here, do they go for it?

    Shanahan has GOT to be more aggressive with his playcalls. I guess the failed 4th and 1 was playing on his mind.

    The replay on Kittle’s injury doesn’t look very good. Nothing bad or dirty about the hit, but the knee looked like it bent the wrong way.

    Arizona flip the field a bit and they’ll try to get the three points back to end the half.

    And it is good. 56 yarder.

    It was a frustrating half to watch given how quickly the 49ers went up 10-0.

    OK, here we go for the second half.

    I love an early holding call against Arizona.

    The 49ers cannot buy a conversion on 3rd down, the Cardinals meanwhile have been collecting them.

    Sack by Kerry Kyder!

    And a subsequent false start, that greatly helps San Francisco.

    Which they subsequently squander by allowing Kyler Murray to run for about 25 yards.

    A tripping call against Arizona? You don’t see that everyday.

    Can we play a damn spy vs Kyler please?

    Luckily Kyler is so short it’s relatively easy to tip passes.

    No good!

    The 49ers are getting a lot of good fortune, they need to capitalize because eventually the momentum that Arizona have had is going to show.

    Oh thank God, Kittle is back.

    Garoppolo sacked, did not have a chance on that play.

    It really must be said though, Garoppolo has not played well today.

    Up to the defense again, they’ve held reasonably well but have lacked the potency we’re used to seeing.

    In fairness to them and also Garoppolo, it is hard to get into a rhythm without preseason games.

    Greenlaw barely touched Kyler! Come on!

    I get it, you need to protect the QB sliding. But he didn’t exactly crush him.

    The defense is the definition of bend but don’t break right now.

    Offense is going to take over close to the defensive endzone. Time for a big drive.

    Just need to get some clock off the board with a nice, long drive. Chip away with runs and short passes.

    Finally a conversion on third down!

    They say Tevin Coleman had his second carry, and I am genuinely unable to remember when he had his first.

    49ers unable to get the repeat that does of third down success, and a very good punt will pin the Cardinals back.

    This reminds me so much of the Week 1 game vs. Tampa Bay last year. We might need a similar defensive play to break the game open.

    Surely that’s an intentional grounding safety!

    Out of the pocket? Are they sure?

    Defensive holding against K’Waun Williams when the receiver is holding Williams!? The refs blew the call twice in one play!

    End of the third quarter and I am still incensed by that call.

    Can we PLEASE stick a damn tackle!?

    And can we PLEASE stop with hitting Kyler after he slides!?

    They’re calling it every time.

    Yes, Hyder tries to avoid Kyler. But if you even brush against a QB in that situation you will get called.

    Emmanuel Moseley called for pass interference. Defense has lost its discipline.

    Arizona offense is starting to get going.

    Kyler scores off a scramble. Why the 49ers haven’t played a spy is simply astonishing given how much he’s scrambled all game.

    Offense needs to score a touchdown here, no ifs or buts about it.

    Great pass from Garoppolo to Kyle Juszczyk.

    And subsequently, two incomplete passes bring up 3rd and 10.

    Garoppolo throws an interception after buying some time, but it looks like pass interference on the Cardinals.

    Yes it is, very lucky.

    3rd and goal, big play coming up.



    That was a great reply by the 49ers, albeit with a bit of help from that pass interference.

    Kyler has leant heavily on Hopkins, to some pretty good results.


    I love Robert Saleh, but that has been an unforgivable lapse on his part.

    Touchdown Arizona, Hopkins found himself in a ton of room.

    That should never have happened, Hopkins had nobody within 10 yards.

    Hopkins will be called a yard short. Not that it matters right now since there’s plenty of time to score.

    Kenyan Drake scores, and the Cardinals will be on top this time.

    24-20 to Arizona, and the SF 49ers have five minutes to get the lead back.

    No need to rush, the team has all three timeouts.

    Ironically enough, the 49ers do not rush by electing to rush the ball.

    Fox, I am not emotionally ready to face the Super Bowl loss again. Thanks.

    A rare Jimmy G scramble.

    Some nice gains by the SF49ers. So far so good.

    We’re now at the warning, crucial plays coming.

    Time running out, but the yards are being churned up…

    Patrick Peterson got so lucky he touched the ball without looking there.

    4th and 5, comes down to this.

    Wait, is Kliff Kingsbury allowed to run onto the field to call a timeout?

    There’s three timeouts, but little time here.

    Next. Niner Noise Podcast: SF 49ers Mailbag. dark

    The Cardinals get a first down and that will do it.

    Frankly, a very disappointing performance.

    That’ll do it for me today, now it’s onto Week 2.