The 5 coolest San Francisco 49ers jerseys you can get right now

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The San Francisco 49ers have a long history of awesome uniforms. Here are the 5 coolest jerseys you can buy right now to add to your collection.

Every San Francisco 49ers fan needs at least one jersey in their collection. But, between you and us, we all know that just one jersey doesn’t cut it.

You need home jerseys, away jerseys, alternate jerseys.

You need your favorite players of yesteryear and today.

We’re here to help. We’ve been looking around for the five coolest jerseys you can order right now. Let’s get to it.

Reader’s Note: We’ve listed the items at their regular pricing, but Fanatics runs promos almost every day – meaning there’s plenty of cash to be saved.

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1. Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers Nike Alternate Game Jersey ($99.99)

The Handsome One, Jimmy G, led San Francisco to the Super Bowl last year. He’ll look to repeat that in 2020, but we know one thing is certain.

He’s a beautiful, beautiful man.

Get your Jimmy Garoppolo jersey at Fanatics.

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2. George Kittle San Francisco 49ers NFL Pro Line Player Jersey ($99.99)

For our money, there isn’t a better tight end in the NFL right now than George Kittle (even if Madden disagrees). Kelce is great, but Kittle is better blocker. Ertz is great, but Kittle is more explosive. Gronk was once great, but who even knows how much juice he has left?

Like we said. Kittle is the best tight end in football.

Get your George Kittle jersey at Fanatics.

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3. Javon Kinlaw San Francisco 49ers Nike 2020 NFL Draft First Round Pick Game Jersey ($99.99)

Just another big-time weapon in the San Francisco front seven. Ho hum. No big deal, right?


The Niners see big things coming from Kinlaw – so show some love to the rookie before it becomes the cool thing to do.

Get your Javon Kinlaw jersey at Fanatics. 

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4. Deebo Samuel San Francisco 49ers NFL Pro Line Player Jersey ($99.99)

Besides having one the best names in football, Deebo Samuel is also a real play-maker for the San Francisco offense.

Samuel had at least 50 total yards in seven of the team’s final eight games, and while he’s going to miss some time with a foot injury, he’ll return to the same role he vacated.

Get your Deebo Samuel jersey at Fanatics.

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5. San Francisco 49ers Nike 2018 Custom Game Jersey ($149.99)

Put your own name and number on the back, or select the name and number of your favorite player.

That’s the beauty of a custom jersey. You can relive your glory days on the gridiron, try to feel like a member of the team, or get a jersey of a player that might be underrepresented (we love you, o-linemen).

Get your custom 49ers jersey at Fanatics.

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