Niner Noise Podcast: We need your 49ers mailbag questions

The Niner Noise Podcast is looking for your 49ers questions for an upcoming episode.

The Niner Noise Podcast needs your help.

With the NFL offseason in full swing, the time has come where there’s not a lot going on for the 49ers or any other teams. And as they wait to see what happens next in light of the continued virtual offseason, content creation becomes even more interesting.

Your hosts of the Niner Noise Podcast are seeking your help and so we’re asking for you to send questions to help drive the next episode.

These questions can be related to the current state of the 49ers roster, focused on head coach Kyle Shanahan or general manager John Lynch, or even begin to think about the long term state of the franchise.

You can even ask Chris questions about his great love for quarterbacks as offensive and special teams weapons or how much he adores watching quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo run onto the field. The choice is yours.

To send questions, either reply in the comments below or send them to the Niner Noise Twitter feed or directly to your hosts, Chris Wilson and Robert Morrison, on Twitter as well.

Get those in through the reset of May, with the episode to be recorded in early June, so keep that in mind in terms of the types of questions you ask.

If we get more questions than we need for a single episode, we’ll put them aside and come back for more mailbag episodes for the remainder of the offseason.

This should be a fun way to interact with our readers and listeners, so send those questions to us. They can be serious, fun, or even completely off-topic; we just want to hear from you.

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We’re looking forward to reading your questions and answering them on the next episode of the Niner Noise Podcast.