49ers all-time 5 best games in franchise history

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Jacob Hollister, Dre Greenlaw, Seahawks, 49ers

Jacob Hollister #48 of the Seattle Seahawks and Fred Warner #54 and Dre Greenlaw #57 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

The San Francisco 49ers have enjoyed no shortage of great games in their storied franchise history, yet these five stand apart from the rest for all the right reasons.

From storybook plays and fantastic finishes, the San Francisco 49ers have been no strangers to some epic games over their elongated history dating back to the franchise’s inception back in 1946.

And those games have produced some top moments, many of which are etched in Niners lore.

Depending on your generation, you probably have some of your own favorite games — the kinds where you are on the edge of your seat, riding the highs and desperately trying to overcome the lows, only to see the red and gold come out on top at the very end.

Some older 49ers fans may recall quarterback John Brodie tossing up passes to wide receiver R.C. Owens back in the days of Kezar Stadium. Those who witnessed the glory years of Candlestick Park will recall their own greatest of games, of which there are no shortages.

In recent memory, the Niners have added to their accolade of great games that will be remembered for decades to come.

But how would one narrow down the list to the five best games in franchise history?

That’s a tall task. Especially when looking at some of the contests from 2019, such as Week 17 of that year against the Seattle Seahawks in which linebacker Dre Greenlaw saved the game, the NFC West and the No. 1 seed in the playoffs with a fourth-quarter goal-line tackle.

Pretty epic, yes. Yet even that game doesn’t make this list.

Instead, these five games stand alone as San Francisco’s greatest contests of all time.

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