164 thoughts during 49ers Week 12 win against Green Bay Packers

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 11: Defensive end Nick Bosa #97 of the San Francisco 49ers runs on to the field before the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Levi's Stadium on November 11, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 11: Defensive end Nick Bosa #97 of the San Francisco 49ers runs on to the field before the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Levi's Stadium on November 11, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

It’s that time of the week again. Join Niner Noise’s resident Australian as we get the thoughts going through his head during the San Francisco 49ers battle with the Green Bay Packers.

  • Woo! Time for some prime-time San Francisco 49ers football!
  • Full disclosure, this is the first game I have not watched live all season as I was called into work today.

    Considering I’m halfway across the world, I feel that’s a reasonable streak!

    I’ve gone totally off the grid today, no internet or even messaging to prevent the result being spoiled as I have the game recorded.

    So instead of live, this is about seven hours later under the pretense of being live.

    With both the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks winning by one possession, this game has massive ramifications for both teams.

  • Ronnie Lott could narrate anything and I would watch it, even if it was a documentary about a stick.
  • 49ers win the toss, so the Packers to get the ball.

    Here we go!

  • Early unsportsmanlike penalty on Davante Adams, they can do that undisciplined stuff all night for all I care.
  • Although to be honest, there really isn’t much to a small chest bump.

    Big sack on third down and a fumble! Defense!

  • That is a tough call, Aaron Rodgers may have had possession.
  • They won’t challenge though, and it’s first and goal for the 49ers.

  • Touchdown Tevin Coleman! A dream start for San Francisco!
  • Chase McLaughlin makes no mistake and it’s 7-0 to the good guys.
  • Almost picked off on a tip!

  • And no, not off Jimmy Garoppolo either.
  • Great defense to start this game, and a big chance to go two scores up now.

  • Time for Garoppolo to shine. Good start with a good slant to Deebo Samuel who has been on fire the last few weeks.
  • It’s great to see Emmanuel Sanders back.
  • Oh god, that fumble nearly gave me a heart attack…

    That was lucky.

    That fumble ruined the momentum of the drive, but at least the 49ers gained enough yards to get some really great field position if the punt is good.

  • Great run defense, D.J. Jones has been a stud to start this game.
  • Bryan Bulaga limping off, that could be a huge out for Green Bay.
  • Another great showing by the defense, it’s been a pleasure to see this first quarter.

    Time for the offense to shake off that fumbled snap, another chance to make it a two possession game.

  • I love these graphics for Sunday Night Football, so creative.
  • Packers with a good blitz on that third down, but the 49ers catch a huge break with a flag!

    Bulaga going to the locker room, I feel bad for him personally but that’s a big break.

  • Jeff Wilson! Oh goodness just give him the ball!
  • A touchdown would be HUGE given that previous flag.

    Nothing on second or third down, but still a chance to make it 10-0 if the kick is good.

    Right down the middle and it’s a 10-0 start.

  • Nick Bosa got fooled on that fake, or else that was going to be a free hit on Rodgers.
  • Another penalty on the Packers, this has been helping the 49ers big.

  • Emmanuel Moseley with the hit! Love that aggression.
  • Another great play by the defense, who have been playing on a 10 out of 10 level this quarter.

    Third down blitz again by Green Bay, and the 49ers could not get going on the drive. End of the first quarter now.

    Bulaga officially ruled out, which creates a big hole at right tackle to exploit for the 49ers.

    The Packers used the 49ers ability to penetrate early against them there. Ugh.

    I would like an interception please, or at least a sack.

    Unfortunately, Rodgers does not throw poor passes very often.

  • It’s great to see Ahkello Witherspoon there. When Richard Sherman retires it’s going to be great to see Witherspoon and Moseley locking down receivers.
  • Jimmie Ward has been brilliant this year with a good defensive line in front of him.
  • 4th and 1 here, a BIG chance for the defense to make a play.

    Rodgers calls timeout. Not sure if they were bluffing or didn’t like the look of the matchup.

    Apparently the latter, as they’re going again.

    No good! This 49ers defense is a pleasure.


    Where are we on getting him a permanent camera and microphone.

    49ers could release film of that in the offseason.

  • The Robert Saleh Reaction Hour.
  • You can have that title for free, you’re welcome.

    Can the 49ers take advantage here?

    Ugh, stupid holding call.

    I guess there had to be a penalty against us at some point tonight.

  • Ugh and now a drop by Raheem Mostert.
  • Seriously, don’t make me think about the Seahawks game.

    Because when I see drops, I think of the Seahawks game.

    Another sack, the 49ers offensive line is not up to scratch tonight.

    Mostert redeems himself a little with a great special teams tackle.

    I find those cheesehead hats so stupid. Nobody is intimidated by a dairy product.

    I mean blue cheese is pretty nasty, but not when it’s being worn as a hat.

    Another holding call against Green Bay. That helps.

  • Arik Armstead with a big sack.
  • The 49ers were 3rd-and-30, the Packers are 3rd-and-35.


    Oh this is going to be a free first down for the Packers for helmet to helmet.

  • DeForest Buckner, you cannot do that.
  • It’s the correct call too.

    I am legitimately so angry at Buckner, a player who is one of my favorites on the team.

    That was almost an insane third down completion on tight coverage, but Ward got just enough of the ball.

    Great defense once again.

    Offense had yet another chance to make this a three possession game. I don’t think the defense will contain Rodgers forever, they need to make this count.

  • When you need to start the offense up, give it to George Kittle.
  • When you need to start the offense up, give it to George Kittle. Again.

  • Justin Skule has been benched, which is fair enough as he has badly struggled tonight.
  • A near sack turned into a decent gain, good work by Garoppolo to ride the pocket and get the ball out.

    Good coverage on third down means the field goal unit would come in.

    Not the touchdown I was begging for, but 13-0 is better than 10-0.

    Worth considering is the 49ers get the ball back to start the second half.

    Ah Thankgiving football, a sport I love combined with a holiday I don’t celebrate.

    If the defense can shut out the Packers for the first half, that’d be a huge statement.

    Except for that third down throw that was almost caught, Rodgers has been a surprisingly mediocre passer deep tonight. Not sure how long that lasts.

    Defense has just been switched on. Best performance of any half this season.

    Two minute drill time for the offense, if they go into the half with a 20-0 lead that would be as good as one could dream of.

  • This ad for the last Star Wars film in the sequel trilogy has me excited.
  • I don’t care what angry people on the internet say, the first two films were brilliant.

    Good way to start the drill with a Mostert run.

    TOUCHDOWN! Deeboooooooooo!

    His run of form continues.

    20-0 to the red and gold! The only negative is the 49ers scored so quickly that the Packers have a little time to score here.

    Bosa gets to Rodgers on third down!

    The 49ers have a small amount of time left, could they get some bonus points?

    It’s a poor punt, and barely gets past midfield.

    At worst, there’s a chance for a Hail Mary.

    A sizable gain for Kittle, and a field goal is now possible!

    Time for one shot for a touchdown first.

    Garoppolo throws it short, but nobody cares it went high. Milked the clock long enough.

    It’s good! McLaughlin from 48 yards makes it 23-0 and it’s been just about as good as anyone could dream of.

    Aaron Rodgers: 10 of 20 passing for 41 yards.

    That is beyond insanity.

    Here we go, can the 49ers possibly make it 30-0?

  • Personal foul on Kyle Juszczyk for a chop block? Geez that looked waist high to me.
  • Another sack, they’ve been successfully getting past the left side of the 49ers offensive line.

    No good on that initial drive.

  • What a punt by Mitch Wishnowsky!
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi!

    Sherman just got blocked a LOT lower than on the foul Juszczyk was called for.

  • Another sack by the 49ers defense, and they’re doing this without Dee Ford too.
  • Packers offense stopped again on third down.

    Ballsy call to go for it here by Green Bay it must be said.

    And it was converted too, after it look like he would be sacked.

    I have to say, that was a gutsy call.

    Sherman on the sideline, another week and another *expletive* injury.

    OK good, Sherman is back in. That was relatively painless.

    I hate these facemask calls, it just wasn’t necessary.

    Some undisciplined penalties by the 49ers defense in this game.

    Big third down here, how will the 49ers defense fare in their first redzone defense?

    That had to be holding surely, the 49ers defensive line got great penetration.

    Oh lord, two flags. But they’ll offset and we’ll do this again.

    ANOTHER big third down play.

  • Great work by Damontre Moore to make sure Rodgers couldn’t scramble for a third down.
  • Sherman with unnecessary roughness. Two consecutive flags on him (he was responsible for the offsetting flag).

    More importantly, it’s first and goal now.

    Ugh, touchdown Green Bay. Two point conversion is good and it’s 23-8.

    I’m sorry, but that touchdown was due to Sherman and his poor discipline.

    49ers need a big response here.



    I think I need a cigarette after watching that.

    I don’t even smoke.

    30-8 to San Francisco.

    Both offenses look like they’ve opened up here.

    Ugh holding penalty on third down. The number of unnecessary flags by the 49ers defense has been unacceptably high.

    End of the third quarter and it’s a big 30-8 lead.

    They can’t find Adams down the field, so most of his receptions have been limited to screens.

    Rodgers goes way downtown and makes a great throw, but they couldn’t keep it inbounds.

    You have to think they’re going for it here.

    And they are.

    Ugh and it’s a flag for defensive pass interference. I really hope Saleh has a talk with the defense on these flags.

    Oh finally, a flag that I’m not mad at.

    Another fourth down play coming up. Can the 49ers make a stop without giving up a flag?

    A big stop on another sack, and that’ll let the air out of the Packers here.

    A third down conversion!

    First one all night for either team.

    Another third down conversion!

    To be honest, I would go for another score just to be absolutely certain of it.

    The 49ers seem to be content to run down the clock here.

    A third straight conversion on third down, these third down conversion numbers are being padded on this drive.

    Touchdown! Mostert puts the proverbial cherry on top.

    Everything else is just gravy now, this has been the best game of the season by far.

    Let’s see who can pad their stats a little on defense now.

    Rodgers has been benched. Makes sense, you don’t want to risk injury.

    There hasn’t really been much to say, the Green Bay backups slowly went down the field against the San Francisco backups and chewed up a lot of time.

    That’s kind of it.

    This has been a bit anticlimactic, but you can’t really be that surprised.

    Packers may get a garbage time touchdown here. Kind of want them to stay on single figures.

    49ers throttle Packers in dominant Week 12 Sunday Night Football victory. dark. Next

    They’re going to run out of time rather than go for the touchdown.

    What a game, 10-1 for the season and the myth that the 49ers aren’t legit is dead and buried.

    Cannot wait for next week against the Ravens, thanks for joining me here!

    Go Niners!