139 thoughts during 49ers Week 11 win vs. Arizona Cardinals

Kyle Juszczyk #44 and Fred Warner #54 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Kyle Juszczyk #44 and Fred Warner #54 of the San Francisco 49ers (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

We return to Niner Noise’s resident Australian and what goes through his mind during a NFL game, as the San Francisco 49ers host the Arizona Cardinals in a rematch of two weeks ago.

  • Who’s ready for some San Francisco 49ers football? I know I am!
  • As soon as I finish this cup of coffee.

    Damn time difference.

    Local Australian television is meant to be showing this game live, however the Lions-Cowboys game is running a bit late so it appears I have to watch it online to start.

    For those wondering what the big deal is, Australian internet is so slow that if it was any slower it’d be going backwards.

    A lot of outs for this divisional game, which obviously is not ideal.

    Even though there’s a precedent now, I hope we will not see any helmet stripping or assault in this divisional matchup.

  • How crazy was that though? The amount of people trying to justify Myles Garrett is staggering.
  • The stream is already buffering. Damn Australian internet.

    At least the Lions-Cowboys game on TV looks interesting.

    Stream back on, but for how long?

  • Speaking of staggering, how was Jimmy Garoppolo being blamed for a bad game?
  • Multiple drops for what was said to be 100+ yards, and the drop was his lone interception too. He had some bad throws, but that was when he had to force something anyway.

    In short, I expect Garoppolo to fight back.

    Here we go, Cardinals to start with the ball.

  • Cardinals are clearly going for runs and screens for now, not putting Kyler Murray under pressure.
  • This is the issue with the pass interference challenge rule. That was objectively interference by Richard Sherman, but they have been so incompetent overturning even basic interference calls that coach Kliff Kingsbury hesitated to throw the flag.
  • He has thrown it eventually, and I think this will be first and goal for the Cardinals.

    I mean Sherman dragged him down, what else can it be?

    3rd and Goal now, the defense needs to get some quick penetration to throw off the play because anytime they have a bit of time they’ve fired it off quick.

    I’m predicting a screen here.

    Great coverage, and the defense will at least come away with some momentum.

    Time for the offense to get into action now.

    Not a good start for the offense. The blocking was decent for that third down but the receivers couldn’t get open.

    As predicted, the Cardinals are going uptempo with quick screens and slants.

    The secondary is playing way too deep for this, they need to jam more and disrupt the short passes.

  • There’s Elijah Lee, it’s nice to see him back.
  • Sherman with another blatant interference resulting in 1st and Goal. Ugh.

  • Touchdown Arizona, Lee bit on a fake and Larry Fitzgerald had nobody around him.
  • Zane Gonzalez misses the extra point, 9-0 to the Cardinals.
  • Ugh Kendrick Bourne drops one.
  • Although in fairness that was more good coverage than shocking hands.

    Ooh I love this aggressiveness by Kyle Shanahan.

  • No good, I can’t tell if Raheem Mostert dropped it or if it was deflected.
  • Garoppolo dropped that pass in perfectly however.

  • 49ers defense got very lucky on that third down drop. Christian Kirk had enough time to hold a tea party and still make a large gain. Nobody on him whatsoever.
  • Offense is really not working. Garoppolo is not getting the help he needs to make plays.

    Murray may have fumbled! But the refs blew it dead. Down by contact.

    Challenge by Shanahan, I didn’t think you could review that if they blow it dead.

    I guess you can, but I’m not sure there was enough to overturn that anyway.

    Play stands. Nothing going right for the 49ers.

    4th down play converted by Arizona. It’s actually good coverage but the ball was perfectly placed.

    Another touchdown for the Cardinals. This could be a bad home blowout if something doesn’t change.

    Playing a spy may be worth considering. Murray is running it a lot.


  • Richie James has a lot of potential.
  • Garoppolo missed an easy screen, but Tevin Coleman was not going to get in despite what the commentators said as two Arizona defenders were coming down.

  • TOUCHDOWN! Perfect throw to Ross Dwelley and the 49ers have finally put points on the board.
  • Time for a quick third down stop here!

    Great stadium noise forcing Arizona to burn their last timeout. Levis is rocking here!

    Sherman AGAIN with an interference. This wasn’t as egregious as the last two, but I think he was a shade early hitting the receiver.

  • Dee Ford! Murray was scrambling trying to do a Russell Wilson play but couldn’t do it.
  • Ok good stop! If we get a touchdown here (or even a FG) then we’re in business. Remember we do get the ball back.

    Jimmy is so good at the hard count, it’s an underrated weapon of the offense.

  • Garoppolo is usually so good on third down. That’s a beautiful throw, riding the pocket well and waiting for Deebo Samuel to be open instead of rushing it.
  • Speaking of beautiful, twice in two plays Jimmy has drawn the Cardinals to jump early. It’s a first down pretty much without having to do anything.

    Two minute warning. 49ers only need a score to make it a one possession game.

    Of COURSE there’s a holding call on a touchdown.

    It didn’t even look like a hold!

    And now a Bourne drop. I think he got spooked by the defenders bearing down because the pass was fine.

    Commentators are right for a change. Even if the fans boo that third down run, it’s better to take the kick and be within a score. They get the ball back and they have the momentum here.

    16-10 at halftime to the Cardinals, and I’m getting some coffee.

    Of COURSE there’s a flag on a great play. Why should we expect different?

    Great return by James though.

    What a pass by Garoppolo. Showed great patience and found Coleman free for a large gain!

    Oh thank god, I thought that was a holding call and I almost went nuts. It was roughing the passer and add 15 yards to that play.

    A flag down on a big play. What a shock.

  • Kyle Juszczyk is awesome, I really am shocked fullbacks aren’t used more in the NFL.
  • Touchdown! Dwelley has three touchdown catches (counting the one called back). He’s actually been a good replacement for George Kittle this week!
  • What a strong start by the 49ers defense! Three and out!

    Best run of the game, so of course it’s a flag for San Francisco.

    Seriously, I don’t want to know how many huge plays for the team have been wiped out by flags this year.

    This is going to be such a big drive. A touchdown would possibly be the real gamechanging moment we need this half.

    That was not pass interference, but we’ll take it.

    A big play, so of course it’s a hold.

    It wasn’t even a hold, but we got lucky on the pass interference flag so can’t complain.

    Oh Jimmy. No no no.

    That was a horrible throw.

    He had tunnel vision. Was waiting for the receiver to break and then throw, and then totally missed the linebacker waiting to jump the route.

    OK time to calm down. What’s done is done. Just need the defense to make a stop and Jimmy needs to take a breath and bounce back.

    If there’s a 49ers game and nobody gets injured, did we really play at all?

  • Kick is good, 19-17 to the Cardinals.

    What we missed today has been a defensive takeaway. Arizona are very careful with the football.


    Oh no, please don’t be hurt Deebo.

    Garoppolo with another great play, using his legs to buy time and then find a play.

    He makes some mentally bad decisions, but he is a guy who can throw the football.

    49ers end the third quarter in a good spot, but the question is can the 49ers get maximum points here?

    A throw on 3rd and 1 in the flat to a fullback pleases the traditionalist in me.

    TOUCHDOWN! Perfect throw to Bourne and the 49ers are back in front!

    Going for two here, makes sense as they can make it six points.

    No good, but the play seemed a bit off from the start anyway. 23-19 to the good guys.

    Credit to Garoppolo. Recovered from the ugly pick to lead the team back in front. Good leadership.

    I still cannot fathom how people say he’s no good. He isn’t perfect, but he’s good.

    Defense needs a stop here. If the 49ers can stop them and then score another touchdown, it would be the first comfortable lead all day.

    Arizona driving down the field here. They need a touchdown to take back the lead at least.

  • Ugh, these neutral zone infractions aren’t fun when we’re the ones doing it.
  • Ugh, touchdown by Murray as he scampers in. Why a QB spy hasn’t been used is beyond me.

    Took one play on a beautiful pass to Deebo to put the 49ers in the offensive half of the field.

    The 49ers are driving down the field, the question is if they can get the lead back.

    Great catch by Bourne.

    If Bourne could get the easy catches in his hands, he would be so good.

    Garoppolo somehow avoids a sack with a last second throw.

    Ugh interception on a deflection. You must be kidding.

    I have to say that one was on Garoppolo. It was too far behind for Dwelley to have a real chance.

    The ball was actually tipped by both Dwelley and an Arizona defender before being picked off.


    Ball popped out but Murray was well down.

  • Arik Armstead with a big play however, and the 49ers will have another chance.
  • Two minute drill. 49ers can tie the game if need be, but obviously a touchdown is better.

    I can’t handle all these close games. Can we just win 51-10 again instead?

    49ers driving down. Nervous times right now.

  • Ugh a Marquise Goodwin drop.
  • Score or lose. Only thing for it.

    They stopped the drive to see if a third down catch was a first down. It looked past the marker.

    You surely cannot overturn this.

    You cannot possibly tell from the replays.

    Play stands.

    GOT IT!


    OK let’s calm down. The 49ers defense need a stop here.

    31 seconds to go.


    OK I’m ahead of myself, they still need to run the game out.

    But they’ll waste enough time surely that it should be over anyway.

    Cardinals get the ball with six seconds left and almost all the field.

    It would take something catastrophic.

    First pass incomplete. Two seconds left and this is for the game.

    D.J. Reed

    scored a touchdown off a crazy play.

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    I think the Vegas spread was exactly -10 from what I see (I’m Australian so we don’t have Vegas odds).

    If this has screwed Arizona bettors, that’s the worst backdoor cover in professional sports.

    I kid you not, one of the lines here was San Francisco -9.5.

    That is utterly hilarious.

    Thank you for joining me today, it’s good to be back on the winners list.