187 thoughts during 49ers Week 10 heartbreaking loss to Seahawks

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 11: Kicker Jason Myers #5 of the Seattle Seahawks is carried off the field after making the winning 42 yard field goal in overtime to win 27-24 over the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on November 11, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 11: Kicker Jason Myers #5 of the Seattle Seahawks is carried off the field after making the winning 42 yard field goal in overtime to win 27-24 over the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium on November 11, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images /

What goes through an Australian mind during a game? Join Niner Noise’s resident Australian and the thoughts that go through his mind during the San Francisco 49ers battle with the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Welcome everybody! Who’s ready for some San Francisco 49ers football?!
  • Some prime-time football at that.

    A special thank you to those being honored in the game today, as well as those currently and previously serving.

    In Australia we did the same yesterday.

  • No George Kittle is worrying, so Jimmy Garoppolo will need to rely on Emmanuel Sanders tonight.
  • On the plus side, there’s a lot of reinforcements back for San Francisco.

  • Oh boy here we go. I’m ready for some Monday Night Football!
  • 49ers to receive the ball first.

    Garoppolo was sharp on that initial third down.

    Oh thank god, an interception wiped out by a defensive penalty.

    Garoppolo was sharp on the first throw, but has been a bit off afterwards on this drive.

    Seattle have had a few flags now, their discipline has lacked so far.

    Mind you, this isn’t the best drive for the 49ers either despite the progression.

  • Marquise Goodwin will not be active for much longer if he keeps dropping the ball.
  • He has hands like bricks some of the time. Garoppolo did a great job keeping the play alive and got let down.

    Backup kicker time!

    Right down the middle and it’s 3-0!

  • Chase McLaughlin with a good start in his probably brief 49ers career.
  • He showed as much promise as a sack artist as myself before this year, but he’s been amazing this year.

  • Not even Russell Wilson had time to avoid that.

  • Great playcalling. Take advantage of them putting eight in the box for a run, use playaction and get it to Deebo Samuel who can put on the jets.
  • Seattle put seven in the box, and Tevin Coleman ran for 20+ yard runs anyway. That’s the Kyle Juszczyk factor.

  • Garoppolo with a perfect throw to Kendrick Bourne, who is slowly getting more involved in the scoring.
  • This is a KEY drive. Stopping Seattle and scoring a touchdown again could force them to put away the run and put Wilson at risk.

  • YESSSSS! Emmanuel Moseley with excellent coverage, and that’s a second three-and-out for the Seahawks.
  • End of the first quarter, a great start for the good guys!

    I don’t care if there was a flag, that punt unit play was awesome.

  • FRED WARNER WITH THE SACK! First career sack too!
  • Better yet, it takes Seattle out of field goal range.

    The interior of the Seahawks offensive line is amazingly bad, so blitzing up the middle may be the key to a big defensive game.

    Deebo is so beautifully physical. He will fight anyone for an extra yard.

    I don’t know how Garoppolo and Bourne combined for that first down. That’s insanity.

    Uh-oh, Sanders on the sideline…

    Jones injured too, that’s THREE injuries for San Francisco in under half a game.

    One game where nobody is hurt, is that really so much to ask for?

    The offense has understandably stagnated with all these injuries, but the defense at least hasn’t been beaten up early.

    It’s all going to come down to which defense can make more plays, because I’m not so sure this will be a big scoring game.

  • Azeez Al-Shaair sighting, it’s nice to see him get the start as an undrafted rookie.
  • Warner tried to do the Nick Bosa interception and was SO close. Another great defensive play.
  • Coincidentially, Bosa had great pressure on Wilson on that play.

  • The 49ers have had a lot of production from rookies this year. Deebo, Justin Skule, Bosa, Dre Greenlaw, Al-Shaair and Mitch Wishnowsky have all started at least one game this year.
  • Oh dammit, Garoppolo fumbles the ball as he gets sacked and Jadeveon Clowney scoops it up for the score. 10-7.
  • That was simply not good blocking, Garoppolo had no chance to even get himself set.

    Need a BIG drive here to get those points back before the half, Seattle will get the ball to start the half.

    Ugh another big drop, Juszczyk dropped a perfectly thrown ball.

    Now a false start on third down. The 49ers have zero momentum after the strip sack.

    ANOTHER ******* DROP!

    Two drops when Garoppolo is trying to get his mojo back. There have been at least three big drops this half.

    Not a great punt, plenty of time to return the ball and Seahawks are in their offensive half.

    The Seahawks will either tie or take the lead here pending a turnover, and with the ball to start the second half. So much promise has been taken away.



    The officials are taking a LOT of time to decide what to do and it makes me nervous.

    49ers BALL! What a momentum switch.

    A great screen to Deebo, which should bleed the rest of the clock.

    A lot of work to be done and injuries to work through, but the 49ers will go into the half with the lead and some momentum.

    The big question is how will the offense move the ball with the Seahawks selling out to stop the running game and Garoppolo minus his two favorite receivers in Sanders and Kittle?

    OK here we go, what can the 49ers do? Can they progress to 9-0?


    Seattle are stunned, and now that horsecollar puts the 49ers in field position.

  • Joe Staley has been thoroughly outplayed by Clowney tonight sadly.
  • Short 4th down and 49ers will go for it…

    No good.

    I liked the aggressiveness though, trust in the defense.

  • Monday Night Football now presents to you Pete Carroll and Wilson as the main characters of Up! for some reason.
  • Gee Wilson was SO close to being past the line of scrimmage there.

    Warner with a second sack!

    This defense has been big. The Seahawks offense has been scoreless up to right now.

    Now the 49ers offense needs to produce.

    Seahawks punted but it was redone because of a 49ers offside, hilariously that penalty actually helped the 49ers because of a shanked punt.

    At this rate of defensive attrition on both sides, a touchdown feels like it’d be worth double.

    Great play by Deebo, he’s going to be the key to getting this offense going.

    Kyle Shanahan challenging the spot of the ball, I’m not sure I would gamble a timeout on this with such a close game.

    And the challenge is good! That’s why he’s the coach and I’m not.

    Well that and who would hire me?

    Maybe the Washington Redskins, but does anyone want that job?

    Bourne drops the ball and it flies into the hands of the Seahawks. That’s going to be a killer.

    Why does he always drop the easy ones and catch the hard ones?

    Seattle fumbles again, but this time the Seahawks had that one covered.

    The amount of drops Garoppolo has had to deal with tonight is beyond ridiculous.

    Seattle touchdown. Ugh.

    I am beyond angry with every receiver on the field right now not named Deebo.

    Another fumble and Seattle recovery. This game is cursed.

    I don’t see it happening. We can’t run, we can’t catch and we can’t block.

    We need something drastically different.

    Touchdown Seattle. 21-10 lead to the Seahawks.

    All 21 points to the Seahawks came off the three San Francisco turnovers.

    Last quarter, the 49ers need to just find a way to win now.

    Another drop, this time by Deebo. I just swore so loudly at that.

    This loss (should it stay this way) has not been on Garoppolo.

    The interception was all on Bournes, the drops have been disgraceful, the running game simply hasn’t existed and his fumbles have been due to atrocious blocking.

    I haven’t even mentioned injuries.

    I haven’t said much in this quarter, mostly because I’m choking on my own rage here.



  • What a play. DeForest Buckner gets the touchdowns and a two point conversion makes this 21-18 out of NOWHERE!
  • Oh this has become something else.

  • Helmet to helmet hit gives the 49ers better field position here.

    There’s so much on the line with this drive.

    Deebo fighting again!

    That’s it, if we win I’m getting a Deebo jersey.

    Kittle is literally mirroring what I’m doing right now.

    Ugh, no blocking AGAIN!

    Bourne drops AGAIN and it’s a literal miracle that wasn’t picked off again.

    McLaughlin for the tie…

    And it’s good. 21-21 apiece.

    Maybe Chicago could give us a pick for McLaughlin.

    Seattle could bleed the clock here, or the 49ers get a stop and get the last drive. It’s going to come down to defense.

    Where the ball returns to the 49ers is big as well. If they get it back at all.

    Wilson is the king of the 4th quarter. The defense needs to knock him off the throne.

    Third and short. This is a HUGE play.

    Carson got hit in the backfield but SOMEHOW managed to get over.

  • Ronald Blair stopped Wilson for a loss and got injured for it.
  • All these injuries…

    Big third down here. A stop means no score.

  • Josh Gordon out of nowhere. Ugh.
  • Wilson cannot be stopped on these drives.

    Two minute warning.

    Well, Wilson has to be exact.

    Defense need to make a play right now.

    Big third down play coming up.


    They’re going for it!

    No they were faking.

    Ugh of course they couldn’t kick last week but can’t miss here.

    Can Jimmy come through in the clutch? This is his time to put his mark on the NFL.

    Oh wow, a dropped interception.

    That should have been the game.

    49ers are driving but I don’t think it’s in field goal range.

    Time for McLaughlin to make a name for himself.


    It took a hell of a lot of luck, but Jimmy showed that clutch streak.

    I don’t think I can breathe now.

    Who gets the coin toss? I’m gonna say in advance I think the OT rules are stupid not allowing both offenses to have the ball if someone scores on the initial possession.

    Seattle ball.


    I’m beyond nervous.

    Gordon AGAIN! Ugh. He has done nothing but catch key third down passes.

  • The refs were kind to the 49ers giving that sack to Arik Armstead.
  • Well that’s the ultimate Wilson play.




    Big third down here. Seahawks may still get the ball back.

    Seriously, the clock being 10 minutes for OT is one of the dumbest rules Roger Goodell has ever overseen.

    That’s saying a lot.

    First down San Francisco!

    Just going to run to get as many yards as possible and it’ll be a kick for the game.

    Can McLaughlin be the MVP?

    Here we go. This is for the win…




    One of the worst kicks you’ll ever see. Was it blocked?

    Not blocked. Just shanked.

    I feel for McLaughlin, he did everything before this kick perfectly.

    No other words for it. Stop them here or it’s going to be a loss or a tie.


    49ers have one more chance!

    My muscles feel so slack from being nervous that I don’t know if I can type.

    The amount of drops has been criminal. Although in fairness to Pettis that was harder than it looked in the replay.

    Ugh three and out, and now the Seahawks get a chance.

    Nothing else to say. That was just expertly defended.

    Wilson has a third chance. How many more can he be given?

    Bringing the pressure backfires, and Seattle looks like they’ll win the game.

    Well it’s a loss or a tie. Here we go.




    Well it was good but I clearly heard Shanahan ice the kicker there.

    Here we go yet again.




    Ugh good.

    Next. 49ers vs. Seahawks: Ranking top 10 moments in NFC West rivalry. dark

    And that will do it here. It was a classic but the 49ers lose to the Seahawks 27-24.

    Thanks for joining me, I’m going to go calm down now.

    Using alcohol.