San Francisco 49ers: Robbie Gould ends holdout with contract extension

A major 2019 offseason storyline for the San Francisco 49ers was the standoff with kicker Robbie Gould. That storyline is now over after Gould agreed terms for a contract extension.

Well, that’s one distraction down for the San Francisco 49ers, they will indeed have their man as kicker for this season.

While Robbie Gould had held out for a significant period of time, to the extent that there was a realistic possibility he could sit out for the season or play on the franchise tag, these concerns were laid to rest with a very lucrative deal for the reliable veteran.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, along with others, reported Gould and the 49ers reached a new deal just hours before the July 15 deadline, the two sides coming together on a two-year deal worth $10.5 million. An option clause could make it up to a four-year, $19 million deal.

The contract, according to Over the Cap, makes him the highest paid kicker in football this year.

While expensive, the contract can be easily justified. The decision from the Chicago Bears to cut Gould a few years back has been their loss and the 49ers gain. Gould has flourished in the Bay Area, while the Bears are becoming notorious for their problems finding a solution at kicker.

Overall Gould has been super reliable for the team during his tenure, kicking 72 field goals from 75 attempts in his two seasons in San Francisco.

Despite rumors and thoughts Gould would return to the Bears to finish his career, it now looks as though Gould has decided to see out his day as a 49er.

At least for now.

This settles the team at kicker, which has been a very important position for the 49ers, given their red-zone woes last season. While the team has made adjustments and hopefully won’t be as reliant on Gould to score points, the team at least has some peace of mind that he can do the job if he has to.

The 49ers begin training camp on July 26. Gould will be present to start his 2019 season for the 49ers as well.