San Francisco 49ers: Top 20 games in franchise history

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Super Bowl XIX Win Over Miami Dolphins

Any Super Bowl win is automatically a necessity on this list. The 49ers second Super Bowl just happens to be the slightly lower than the other wins in franchise history.

Bill Walsh and his 49ers would have their revenge for the rough losses suffered in the Orange Bowl. This time, the Dolphins traveled west to Stanford Stadium in Stanford, California. The 49ers felt right at home, with coach Bill Walsh having coached at Stanford for a brief time before becoming head coach of the 49ers.

The game was played on January 20, 1985 in front of 84,000 fans that watched quarterback Joe Montana throw three touchdowns and rush for another. The Miami Dolphins were quarterbacked by Hall of Famer Dan Marino, but the game was all about the San Francisco 49ers offense — specifically Montana who was named the game’s Most Valuable Player.

Montana was at the height of his career as a dominant quarterback in Walsh’s system of precision routes and timing. The 49ers won the game 38-16 and the 49er dynasty was rapidly building.

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