San Francisco 49ers: The all-bad team

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Wide Receiver

J.J. Stokes (1995-2002), Rashaun Woods (2004)

Fans may think wide receiver A.J. Jenkins should be on the wide receiver list for all-time worsts, but he at least gets a backup nod here.

Wide receiver J.J. Stokes has to be considered even more of a bust though. Especially when one considers what San Francisco gave up to grab him in Round 1 and No. 10 overall in the 1995 draft.

The picks included their own first-round pick that year, along with a third- and a fourth-round pick, combined with a first-round pick in 1996.

The Baltimore Ravens eventually ended up with that 1996 pick and drafted linebacker Ray Lewis.

Stokes’ hands weren’t particularly great, yet the wideout was known for his complaints about not being targeted. And he never accumulated more than 1,000 receiving yards in a season.

Fellow wide receiver Rashaun Woods was arguably even worse. Like Jenkins, Woods was targeted at the tail end of the draft — in this case, No. 31 overall.

Woods played just one season in the NFL, and the 49ers didn’t even deem it worthy to give him a chance the subsequent year. At least Jenkins went on to play elsewhere after his career in San Francisco went bust.

Backups: Braylon Edwards (2011), A.J. Jenkins (2012)

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards was a free-agent addition that never materialized. And fans still cringe when Jenkins’ name is mentioned.

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