San Francisco 49ers: Ranking the 10 Best Quarterbacks in Franchise History

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6. Jeff Garcia

Quarterback Jeff Garcia spent five seasons with the 49ers, and he was extremely tough and passionate. He had the unenviable task of replacing Steve Young in 1999 after Young suffered his last concussion which forced him to retire.

Garcia got off to a slow start in his rookie year with 11 TDs and 11 INTs. But from 2000-2002 he was one of the best QBs in the NFL.

In 2000, he set a new 49ers franchise record with 4,278 passing yards and threw for 31 TDs, though the team failed to make the playoffs. Over the next two years Garcia threw 53 TDs, leading the team back to the playoffs in 2001 and winning the NFC West in 2002.

In the playoffs against the New York Giants, Garcia led the team to the second-largest playoff comeback in NFL history after being down 38-14 in the third quarter.

Garcia finished his 49ers stint with a losing record of 35-36-0. However, he threw for the fifth-highest number of TDs (113) and earned three Pro Bowl nods during his time as the 49ers starter. He threw for 16,408 yards, which is the fourth-best mark in franchise history.

At 6′ 1″, Garcia was seen as being “too short” to be a successful NFL quarterback. However, his numbers prove otherwise, and he won a lot of big games for the 49ers.

Garcia’s time with the 49ers make him a worthy person on this list and a no-doubt top-six ranking.

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