Prospective 49ers Targets after Veterans Combine

The first ever NFL Veterans Combine was held yesterday, with some successful showings by a few veterans, and some career-ending failures by others. A few players just may be targets for the San Francisco 49ers this offseason.

Michael Bush was one such failure, after clocking a 4.91 40 yard dash. As Bush put it, “There you go, there goes my career.”

There you go, there goes my career. -Michael Bush

Other players performed substantially better, such as former Rams first round draft selection, Adam Carriker. Carriker benched 225 pounds 40 times. That was three better than the best performance by an incoming rookie (37). Carriker, whom the 49ers passed on when selecting now-retired Patrick Willis, looks pretty good and could very well find his way into a 49ers uniform next season, perhaps even for a veteran-minimum contract. That would be a steal for the needy San Francisco 49ers.

Another potential prospect for the 49ers is Tyler Wilson, who had a superb day throwing the ball. Though the 49ers already re-signed Blaine Gabbert, Gabbert disappointed last season and could very well find himself unemployed or playing for another squad should he be beat out of his position.

Jamaal Anderson stated he was 100%, but only time will tell if the former top-10 pick is back into peak shape.

An under-the-radar prospect, according to Daniel Jeremiah at, is Brandon Copeland, a former stud at the University of Pennsylvania and currently a member of the Arena Football League in Orlando.

The San Francisco 49ers could still use a cornerback and running back — Felix Jones looked OK there, but he is 27 and the 49ers can do better in the latter rounds of the draft — but depth at pass rusher can be addressed based off of the NFL Veterans combine. At the very least, it is an intriguing and excellent concept to get more veteran players a new opportunity.