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Poll: Do You Support Colin Kaepernick?

San Francisco 49ers‘ QB Colin Kaepernick has been making the headlines recently regarding a “suspcious incident” in Miami on April 1. More information on the incident is available here, but here is a brief summary.

Kaepernick and fellow 49er Quinton Patton, along with Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette were in an apartment in Miami when a former girlfiend of Kaepernick’s came by. According to the police account of her report, she mixed drinks for them, talked, watched basketball, and smoked marijuana. She eventually felt light-headed and went to lie down in a bedroom, when she says Kaepernick followed her in and started kissing her. He left without having sex with her, however, and the next thing she knows she is waking up in a hospital bed.

TMZ reported, inaccurately, that Kaepernick is under investigation for sexual assault. Kaepernick has now responded to the allegations via Twitter, criticizing TMZ for making stuff up.

Where do you stand on this? Do you support Kaepernick? Do you agree with me that Kaepernick appears, despite the circumstances, to have taken a largely responsible course of action? Do you need more evidence? Are you disappointed in him or fed up with him? Vote below, and if you have more to say comment or tweet @SFNinerNoise.

Do You Support Colin Kaepernick?

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  • trinity

    I support the guy totally. It doesn’t look like he did anything wrong at all.

    • Ron Grummer

      You mean other than drinking heavily, drugs, consorting with women of loose morals and generally acting like a brainless, spoilt high-school kid? Yeah, I see no reason to question his judgment or maturity. I applaud the fans and team, stick to your guns and your choice at QB regardless of what all the ever mounting evidence indicates. Must be a reason the Niner and Raider fan base seem to be harder and harder to tell apart.

      • trinity

        Consorting with women of loose morals? Lol you must be an old person. I understand that that would be disturbing to you at your age, and I respect your opinion. However, I couldn’t care less about alcohol and the girls he likes. He would have some explaining to do about the pot, but I am very relieved that’s it. It doesn’t appear that he assaulted anyone, so that is good. Just ready to drop it and get back to football.

        • Ron Grummer

          As I said, one of many reasons the Niner and Raider fan base are getting harder and harder to tell apart; there for a second I thought you were going to break out the “Just win, baby!” mantra that seems to be the modern Red and Gold cheer. That you don’t care about the image your QB presents with regards to himself, the team and the City, nor apparently the health issues associated heavy (even episodic) drinking and the influences of such actions on other members of his team, does not mean that these issues are without consequences. Kaepernick’s behavior does not seem reflective of his own head coach’s statements regarding such issues which I believe echo something along the lines of “above reproach.”
          IF Colin is traded away this season or next, it will be as much because of the lack of demonstrated mature leadership and sound off-the-field judgment (as evidenced in this incident) as much as it is the lack of apparent effort to develop his abilities to read defenses and efficiently matriculate the football to the available playmakers in his offense.

  • Josh Maehler

    Niner fans are delusional if they think Kaepernick is a solid QB, he has amazing wr core and couldn’t complete a pass if his life depended on it. His performance under pressure is terrible as well, ie Sherman and the legion of boom tearing him down. The Hawks will continue to dominate the NFC West for next few years!

    • Mark Gretz

      what the fuc does that have to do with the article. nothing u ignorant troll fuc take your moronic azz of the page

      • Josh Maehler

        Oh niner fans, always the intelligent bunch. Don’t be butt hurt that your team can’t beat Seattle when it matters and yes, he is a dirtbag and did something stupid to that girl. If he had nothing to hide genius why don’t he take her to the hospital himself, just an outstanding individual.

  • Christy

    I 100% support Kaepernick the twit made herself a victim