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7 Reasons the Super Bowl isn’t Pointless for 49ers Fans

Yes, all San Francisco 49ers‘ fans are crushed after a bitter loss a week and a half ago, but here are 7 reasons that the Super Bowl still bears some meaning. These are not intended to be “silver linings,” rather, they are intended to give purpose to the rest of the week.

7: New Jersey. Yes, Seattle fans must go there. Laugh at their expense as they sit outside during the game.

6: Peyton Manning is someone that just about everyone–except, perhaps, Patriots fans–respects. After all he has gone through, it would be nice to see him get another ring.

5: Football. There won’t be any more of it until August.

4: All sporting websites are going to be talking about it, and we will need something to do during work.

3: The Halftime Show. Wait a second. . .it’s Bruno Mars. Something seems wrong about that being the halftime show. Then again, Madonna did not seem quite right either. Black Eyed Peas were horrible. I actually kind of liked The Who. Anyway, the NFL needs to step up their game here.

2: The commercials, of course.

1: The Seahawks are playing, so of course we have to be rooting for the Broncos.

Any other reasons you can come up with? Post them in the comments below!

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  • idiot

    I’d like the satisfaction of Richard Sherman losing and not being able to trash talk like a moron. I hope he writes a blog about how bad his team lost and how much he sucks.

    • Matthew Scheer

      Sucks huh? Bad team loss huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Werner Lewis

    Just say NO.
    -Wash, then wax your car.
    -Clip your toenails.
    -Clean your garbage can.
    This is worse than Saints vs Colts.

  • Werner Lewis

    HA, The Texas A&M agreement for The 12th Man expires in 2016.