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Championship Sunday Quarterback Conversations

The NFL got the matchups they wanted for Championship Sunday. You get the 2 greatest quarterbacks of today’s NFL going at it for the 15th time followed up by 2 polarizing NFC West teams going at it for a third time this season in what has become the biggest rivalry in the game.  Here are what the conversations between the starting quarterbacks might sound like. Keep in mind these are fake, and are intended for entertainment purposes only.



(Brady calling Manning)

Ring… Ring… Ring…Rin…  Manning: Hey Tommie, see what I did there, I almost let it ring 4 times, but stopped it, just in time, I am a Manning.

Brady: Congratulations, and now you realize why I always pick up after the first ring when you call.

Manning: Just kidding man, no need to get Gisele’s panties all in a wad. Looks like it’s you versus me for the rights to the Super Bowl.

Brady:  Yes it is, looking forward to my sixth trip to the Super Bowl.

Manning: You mean my third trip, after I throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns on your defense.

Brady: No you mean 4 interceptions, it’s the playoffs Manning.

Manning: Well one of us actually have thrown a touchdown in the year’s playoffs, not to mention 55 this season and 5477 yards. #records #I’mthegreatest

Brady: and an interception… You know you can hand the ball off near the goalline and let teammates get credit right? Touchdown passes of 2 and 3 yards aren’t really lighting it up.

Manning: That sounds like something someone would say if they only threw for 25 the entire season. Either way you don’t have a chance.

Brady: You know we beat you earlier this year right? I’m also 10-4 soon-to-be 11-4 against you.

Manning: That game was cold and windy, Sunday will be mid 50’s with a light breeze and it will be here in Denver. I’ll be delivering a win to the fans.

Brady: The only thing you’ll be delivering is Papa John’s.

Manning: Hey they have delicious pizza. I’ll send you some over.

Brady: (knocking at door) man that was quick!? (opens door) “thanks I’ve been waiting for this” (door closes)

Manning: That was quick.

Brady: Oh no that wasn’t the cardboard crap you were sending over, it was a film to study up on for Sunday.

Manning: Oh so you are watching game tape right now too?

Brady: yes… Game tape…

Manning: Hey wait a…

Brady: Sorry buddy got to go… hahaha y’all don’t have a chance (Click)

Manning: God I hate that man.


Meanwhile on the West Coast


Kaepernick: Xbox accept game invite.

Wilson: Nice of you to finally join me, let’s play a quick preview of the game.

Kaepernick: Alright buddy.

Kaepernick: Timeout

Wilson: What’s your problem the game just started?

Kaepernick: What did you say?!

Wilson: I said the game just started, that’s kind of wasteful at this point

Kaepernick: SORRY HABIT

Wilson: Why are you yelling bro?


Wilson: Dude this is a game, you could just turn down the volume on your television…

Kaepernick: Wait timeout, you mean I can just do that at any point in the game?

Wilson: Really another timeout, that’s 2 and we aren’t even 5 minutes into the game. And yes, it’s that simple.

Kaepernick: If only it was that easy in Seattle, speaking of, what is your favorite endzone celebration?

Wilson: I don’t know why?

Kaepernick: Just need to know how I’ll be celebrating come Sunday.

Wilson: That was pretty low what you did to Cam, you won’t be so lucky here.

Kaepernick: Wait, timeout why not?

Wilson: ahh, all 3 and we haven’t even made it out of the first quarter.

Kaepernick: It’s okay I’ll get more in the 2nd half to use up for no specific reason.

Wilson: The 12th man is going to be loud Sunday, as always.

Kaepernick: It truly is amazing how loud fans can be who just found out about your team like 10 minutes ago.

Wilson: First you mock Cam, then my fans, no wonder everyone hates you and your team.

Kaepernick: We’re good, of course people are going to hate us. As for your “fans” they probably don’t even know you used to be in the AFC West.

Wilson: You almost had me going there Kap, ha that would be crazy if we were ever in the AFC West.

Kaepernick: Y’all were.

Wilson: Whatever you say old man. Anyway, I’m going to lead my team to victory come Sunday, and then I’m actually going to win the Super Bowl.

Kaepernick: You know the Super Bowl will be in New York, not Seattle right?

Wilson: What’s your point?

Kaepernick: You can’t win a game unless it’s in Seattle

Wilson: You can’t win a game in Seattle.

Kaepernick: Third time’s the charm

Wilson: Ha your team has an overrated quarterback, a loud mouth coach, and annoying fans. The only thing your team does well is play defense and run the ball.

Kaepernick: You were looking in a mirror for that comment weren’t you?

Wilson: This conversation is over see you Sunday.

Kaepernick: I might be able to see you once I’m kneeling to run out the clock and your season shorty

Wilson: Hey Toucan Sam, you’re in California, go get a nose job

Kaepernick: I can’t get any work done, turns out Seattle players took all the syringes on the West Coast #cheaters #steroids

Wilson: Xbox off, god I hate that man.

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