Game Day Wild Card Weekend 49ers vs. Packers Credit: Michael Hart

The Lambeau Experience

Sorry it took long getting this up, perhaps it had something to do with a 60 hour work week accompanied with a cold that I have no clue where it came from, but we’ll blame Packer fans.


There are certain times in your life where everything works out perfectly and you can take a pencil to a bucket list item. For me, it was last Sunday. I have always been a 49er fan and a football fan in general. In sports there are just some places you have to see, whether in be Fenway Park, Daytona, Madison Square Garden, the Big House, Augusta or in this case in the NFL, Lambeau Field.

The rich history of Lambeau has shaped this great sport into what we see today. It just so happened where I’ve spent the last month working up in Wisconsin. So when everything fell into place the last week of the season, there was no doubt in my mind where I would be wild card weekend.

The weather for the game was harsh, but the next day was even worse. -18 with a wind chill 40 or more below was not something you look forward to, especially when you have to stop for fuel. At what temperature does time freeze?

Around kickoff the weather wasn’t bad, somewhere around 5 degrees with just a light breeze. By midway thru the second quarter, my toes were frozen, I’m pretty sure there were icicles coming out of my eyes, and any attempt to tweet on @SFNinerNoise during the game had gone out the window.

Luckily during halftime I was able to head to the restroom where by the grace of God was a balmy 75 degrees. I then headed towards the atrium which was crowded by fans trying to warm up. After tossing what was left of the free hand warmers passed out before the game into the toes of my boots, I proceeded to grab a beer and head back towards my seat.

Better prepared with a scarf covering my facemask, the second half wasn’t nearly as bad. The crowd was intense, unlike anything I have ever seen before due to either the craziness of the fans or the importance of the game. Luckily I was sitting next to 2 Niner fans, one celebrating his 50th birthday, so every time Kaepernick saw the massive lane open up and took off, I had people to high five.

The loudest the stadium got was after Rodgers escaped the pressure on 4th down and completed a pass to set up first and goal. The play was enough to make me want to drink, the only problem was my beer was frozen solid. No wonder people has their beers on the grill while tailgating.

The 49ers defensive stand at the goal line forced the Packers to settle for a field goal and a tied ball game. The Niners executed a near perfect final drive, much like the one against Seattle that left no time on the clock.

The player of the game was Michael Crabtree. Kaepernick played well, but he missed a few throws where guys were open, and he forced the throw on the interception when there was a better option in the flats. Either way heck of a grind out win for the as a whole.

Overall it was a great experience, the Packers have plenty of passionate fans as 77,525 were packed into the cold stadium. 49er fans represented well for a road playoff game. It was an excellent game to attend and I am very thankful it was close throughout and that there was no overtime.

I don’t make it to many 49er games, but I can say now I have gone to the coldest one they have ever played. Perhaps that can change in a couple of weeks if they find a way to New York. Next stop for the team, Carolina.  


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