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San Francisco 49ers Billboard in Seattle Pranks Seahawks Fans

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are two of the best teams in the NFL playoffs. Both have high Super Bowl aspirations and expectations. Both also have intense and energetic fanbases — albeit the Seahawks fans are much more well-known for their revelry. The rivalry between the two groups has taken on some extra tension in recent months, with the 12th man buying a brick at Levi’s Stadium and flying a banner over Candlestick Park. 49ers fans, as was documented earlier on this and other sites, decided to counter this buy purchasing ad time on a billboard in Seattle.

Seattle fans, as expected, did not take this very lightly. A group decided to photobomb the billboard. The purchasing 49ers fans, however, had heard about their mischievous plans, changing the digital billboard, 27 miles from CenturyLink Field (in the middle of nowhere) to read “Superbowl Fail, TD Fail, Photobomb Fail.” in alternating messages. Said organizer Aasheesh Shravah: “One big reason we used a digital board, you can change images at any time from a computer. We told the programmer to put in the new images at exactly 2:15 p.m., I think their event started at two. Before anyone got to take any ‘photobombing’ pics, we changed it up on them . . . They messed with the wrong fans”

Needless to say, this is awesome! Not only does it show how creative and humorous this rivalry between fan bases can be, but it also shows that good comes out of competition. For anyone who criticizes sport, this billboard raised about $4,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital. The extra money raised for the billboard all along was designated for this cause. Now, the two fan bases are raising money together for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

I am proud of Shravah and 49ers fans everywhere. And, for once, I must add I am proud of Seahawks fans too. May this rivalry, as intense as it may get, continue to produce great things.

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  • PBizzel

    27 miles….that’s how far away your little Failboard was from Seattle. It’s next to a RV dump…you guys really know how to pick ‘em. Good luck in Green Bay…I have a feeling your going to need it. #GoHawks

    • Patrick McLoud

      By a trailerpark huh? Then they nailed it! That’s where most seachicken fans live isn’t it???

      • PBizzel

        Haha…U’d be referring to the 49ers fans who are mostly from the Barrio. I assume the 31 arrested at ur near lost to the Falcons last Monday are good peeps. They learn how to shank from all that time spent in prison.

        • Cherise Zenoniani

          Also… the Barrio? Racist much? Think before you speak please. There are PLENTY of fans in the area, a great majority of whom are military. Keep your ignorant attitude though. Dont forget, stay classy…

    • Cherise Zenoniani

      PB, you need to work on your logic, bud. Its right off I-5. If we’re going by your logic, you can only be a Seahawks fan if you live inside city limits… Nice try.

      • PBizzel

        You use words like logic and racist when referring to a comment about the placement of a Billboard 27 miles south of the stadium/Seattle by 49er fans. I honestly have pity for people like you. To see the world through a lens where everybody hates and is derisive..I can’t imagine the amount of darkness in your soul.

        To reiterate the LOGIC in my comment, the FailBoard was a response to Seahawks fans flying a banner over your stadium that’s better known for shanking and arrests. Your moronic organizer chose to mock Hawk fans by agreeing to place the message 27 miles south of the city in a town called Fife. Of course, there are Seahawks fans across the county…touche to your wisdom with that statement. The difference is that 27 miles in the middle of Fife is not the CLink (Century Link Field..don’t want you to think I’m making a racially motivated comment). If I paid $8k for a billboard to mock Cherise Zenoniani in Sacramento, I think it’s safe to say it wouldn’t have quite the impact as if I bought a brick to Levi Stadium with the words, Go Hawks 2013 NFC West Champs on it. (If you live in Sacramento, then pick replace Sac-town with San Jose or Bakersfield or wherever you’d like that won’t make you think I’m a racist)

        I forgive you for your IGNORANCE. I will now get back to my football watching on this New Year’s Day and think only of how awesome it is to be a Hawks Fan and not potentially shank’d in the parking lot at Candlestick.

        • Cherise Zenoniani

          Actually, I used racist in reference to your Barrio comment. You feel sorry for people like me? You mean open minded, non racist, generous people that instead of looking at a billboard that has thousands of people drive past it each day as “Fail” look at it as a friendly rivalry that now has sparked charity donations from both teams’ die hard fans. (btw, the funding campaign for the billboard stated from the start that everything extra would go to charity) Dont feel sorry for me, look in the mirror and feel sorry for yourself, for classless internet bullies that look for the negative in every situation and use the safety of anonymity to play out their fantasies of being relevant. By the way, I call it the Clink, too.. That’s not racist, that’s just how it’s referred to by people who live, as I do, locally. Been to a few games there too. Nice stadium, and the Hawks are a great team. And as for violence at Candlestick? It happens everywhere, even Seattle… It’s not because of the team you support, color of skin or the city, it’s because a small percentage of people are just messed up in the head. I don’t need your forgiveness for being ignorant because clearly I am not the ignorant one here.

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  • Layne Maheu

    I drove I-5 the other day passed this way fancy billboard I’ve heard so much about…. Didn’t even see it. Good job. I guess we are “messing” with the wrong Whiners. Plus it’s just a flippin’ billboard. It has about as much meaning as this post I’m writing, except I’m doing this FOR FREE. Yes, send more money our way, and keep whining, and – if your team is lucky – they’ll get to play football in Seattle again this year. Good luck! Whiners! Can’t wait. It should happen. It will be the game of the year!!!