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Seahawks Fans to Boycott ‘Beats by Dre’ Headphones Because of Colin Kaepernick

The Seahawks-49ers rivalry took a turn in the WTF direction this week as Seattle fans plan to boycott the “Beats by Dre” headphones. The reason why is because of Colin Kaepernick appearing in a commercial that does not show Seahawks fans in a good light, according to them.

Apparently the cold and gloomy weather up in the Pacific Northwest is starting to have an effect on Seahawks fans. Or maybe they are still upset that they lost to the 49ers last week and they have no better way to channel their frustration and anger.

You can see the commercial that is causing all the hoopla in its entirety below. It is still hard to figure out what Seattle fans are so upset about in the commercial. Are they mad just because Kaepernick is promoting the headphones? By that logic anything Kaepernick is seen promoting means a boycott of said product, right? If that is the case, does that mean Seahawks fans don’t play Madden 25? Kaepernick and Russell Wilson appeared in the same commercial together to promote the video game in September.

But what it likely comes down to is how the supposedly Seahawks fans are portrayed in the video. To them, the fans are shown in a bad light. Please, stop with the whining. If given the opportunity on gameday to gather near a 49ers bus when the team is in town, wouldn’t Seattle fans react the same as the ones in the commercial?

In the video there are signs that say sophomore slump, you suck Kaepernick and stay in the bay. The fans can be heard yelling at Kaepernick “you’re gonna die here,” “you suck choke artist,” and the hilarious “Alex is a real QB.”  With exception to the “you’re gonna die here” statement wouldn’t Seahawks fans agree with everything said on the signs and by the fans?

The fans in the video are wearing the color green and blue, which I guess means Seahawks fans now. Never mind that the Los Angeles downtown skyline can be seen in the background at the 32 second mark. So maybe it was a glimpse into the future of the LA football team to come to the city and the NFC West.

I don’t understand where this manufactured anger is coming from. Maybe it’s because the fans surround the bus and look irritate? I know that if Russell Wilson was in the same commercial and the fans outside the bus were wearing Red and Gold, the 49ers Faithful would take pride in how they are portrayed. We certainty wouldn’t call for a boycott of the product.

If sales of the headphones do plummet, something tells me it will be because of their ridiculous price tag that can range from $199 to upwards of $449.95 depending on which headphones you buy. If anything Seahawks fans should be upset by how much they cost.

When asked about the video and how the fans are represented Kaepernick said,

I really wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about doing my part. It was supposed to be a hostile environment.

I would recommend going to Twitter and searching #boycottbeats to read the funny reactions from the fans.

Come on Seattle, they are just trying to sell some headphones using popular players. Talk about sensitive fans.

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  • Craig

    Like vandalizing the bus? Is that what Niner fans do? Beats are God awful anyway, so there’s no need to boycott. But maybe Kaep should win a game in Seattle before being in a commercial about how cool as a cucumber he is. Maybe in the playoffs he can wear a pair of his Beats so he doesn’t seem as out of sorts as he has the last two times.
    Sincerely, 11-2.

    • Adam Smith

      Seattle in SF, SF wins 32-23

      SF in Seattle, Seattle wins 71-16. Notice the difference?

      Seattle scored more points in the last game in SF than SF scored in both games together in Seattle.

      Finally, SF didn’t cover the spread. Anyone who took Seattle and the points won last week.

  • Random Dude

    Nobody in Seattle gives a rats ass about the commercial. I read the first article from a Seattle news organization urging Seattleites to boycott the Dre Beats. THis is just another media ploy to incite more drama. And Craig is right: Dre Beats are terrible. I won some free Beats and am now on my third pair because they break every few months. Hey…..maybe if the NFL lets Kaep wear some noise-cancelling Beats on gameday, he might have better success.

  • armuhrooarahooho

    Raiders fan jokin’ around

  • Paul Novak

    1. That was the Seattle skyline in the background of the commercial, not LA.

    2. No, Seattle fans wouldn’t behave like that if the 49ers bus was seen in town. Sure, some signs and yelling would be happening but throwing water cooler and breaking the window of the bus? Peeing on the bus? Is that what you 49er fans do? Do you think that’s normal?

  • Jordan

    It’s a commerical. Seahawk fans again blowing things way out of proportion.

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  • Hamid Nikbin

    Seahawks Fans to Boycott ‘Beats by Dre’ Headphones Because of Colin Kaepernick
    Seriously? Are they going to boycott football after loosing to Kaepernick next time they meet? :)