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Richard Sherman: Too Good of a Player to be Such a Bad Role Model

Before the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 19-17 this past weekend, Richard Sherman was caught on tape calling the matchup a “Glorified practice.” Not only is this incredibly insulting to a quality opponent — who did happen to beat Sherman — but it also is insulting to everyone on the Seahawks roster and anyone who cares about sports, where the point is to play games. Sherman, however, has done much more to show complete lack of sportsmanship than simply misusing terms.

Before I say anything more, I must admit that I have the utmost respect for Richard Sherman as a phenomenal football player and an incredibly intelligent Stanford graduate. There, however, is about where my respect ends.

You might remember last season, when Sherman claimed that Harbaugh honked at the Seattle team after a win. Sherman claimed he heard the story second-hand, had no evidence to offer, and the story seemed fabricated from the start, especially given that the visitors would likely be long gone by the time a head coach of any home team would exit the stadium after a game.

Moving on, Sherman, in response to Jim Harbaugh‘s comments on being “above reproach” (regarding Seattle’s many suspensions) said:

“I don’t have a relationship with him . . .  We’re obviously gonna be the bigger team, the bigger players.’’

Now, it may just be me, but when someone has to claim they will be the “bigger person,” they usually are actually excusing “small person” behavior by attempting to pass it off as being “good.” It’s an ego thing that even I have been guilty of on numerous occasions — and it never goes down well with a girlfriend.

Continuing this saga of words, and skipping more than one of Sherman’s insulting sentences, we move to Week 2, after the Seahawks destroyed San Francisco up in Seattle. Said Sherman:

“I told him good job, good game, but he didn’t give me nothing back, I guess sportsmanship doesn’t go both ways.”

The replay has been shown many times and the video is posted in this article. Harbaugh clearly has no chance to respond. Sherman decides he will attempt to be the “big boy” again, while simply behaving like a poor sport and a little child.

Finally, we move to the post-game press conference after a hard-played game at Candlestick Park. Sherman, as first posted by

We didn’t project it to be this way. We expected to blow them out, but they got the benefit of a few calls tonight throughout the game and that helps you, especially on third down. We will see them again, and it will be a different result.”

Wow. A week after the down marker debacle, and the same week as a blown replay, a horrendous pass interference call that actually did cost a team their game, and a couple of actually bad calls in Philadelphia, Sherman thinks the refs were bad in this game? No way! Yes, there were a couple of iffy calls that went both ways, but that’s true in any sporting event ever. (While I’m on this topic, what are you thinking, Pete Carroll, in saying that the refs should not have called penalties? Isn’t that what refs are for, to call penalties that are penalties?) Seattle’s corners, if anything, got away with many more pass interferences than were called. They foul on nearly every play! It reminds me a little of watching Aaron Craft play basketball for Ohio State a couple years ago. (And now the NCAA is emphasizing just how much of a foul what he did actually is, but that’s also beside the point.)

Back to Sherman.

Richard Sherman obviously is a bright individual. He plays cornerback as good if not better than anyone. Even so, I can’t stand the guy. His ego goes beyond “I’m the best” to something much more egotistical, selfish, and insulting to everyone who respects good sportsmanship. I do hope the 49ers see the Seahawks again, and I do hope the result, most likely at CenturyLink Field, will be different from the last few results there. It pains me that The MMQB has Sherman as a guest columnist. Such a fantastic website hurts its reputation by letting a player with this much lack of sportsmanship publish under its umbrella.

I earnestly hope that Sherman can start respecting his opponents, former coaches, the NFL, and sport. He is too good of a player to be such a bad role model.

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  • Donkey Punch

    Last I checked, NFL players are comprised of a lot of Twenty-Something College graduates. You’re not going to have a league full of Russell Wilsons. Some of them will be proper. Some will be loud and brash. Sherman is Sherman and if he were on your team you’d probably rock his jersey to the game. He is the kind of guy that talks trash as a self motivator. When he’s an old vet, maybe he will be different, but the 12th man embraces the loud rockstar he is.

  • Chelsea Niner

    He lacks the wisdom to understand that his comments show that he is not only a bad loser, but also a bad winner and that his self perception is not reality. He clearly lacks the sportsmanship he expects from others.

  • Matthew Scheer

    I’d rather have guys talking than drunks hitting teammates in the head with bottles, or wrapping their car around trees while drunk on the way to practice. I quite frankly am amazed that a Niner fan could say anything about being a role model. Even Kaepernick is arguably just as bad when it comes to sportsmanship. Runs strait to the locker room after his loss in Seattle rather than meeting Wilson in the middle of the field for a handshake as is tradition in the NFL…you didn’t see that from Wilson this weekend did you? Now me, I don’t care what a person does off the field so long as they’re not hurting anyone and we sadly live in a time where real role models are few and far between…especially in sports. But to say that Sherman is a bad role model when you are a fan of a team with violent, drunk driving alcoholics is hypocritical to say the least.

    • DaviD

      You’d also rather have the guys who continue to take performance enhancing substances. Typical.

      • Matthew Scheer

        Not sure where you’re gettin you’re info from. The Hawks are on increased testing and the only stuff that has come up is substance abuse which is not PED’s. Which your team knows plenty about substance abuse.

  • Isbonifacio

    Two words to describe Sherman…JIVE PUNK!

  • Carla Jacobs

    ego problem. he acts like he’s a guy about 5’5″ tall with a little man complex. i guess he’s verbally trying to convince himself that he’s something he down deep doesn’t really believe he is, a good football player. so he puts everybody else down (that he’s threatened by), blames others for his own problems/mistakes and somehow that makes him feel bigger. unfortunately for him, that immature behavior just makes him a very small man. poor guy’s psychologically twisted in knots and acting crazy! hope he works it out/gets help sometime soon so he stops being so obnoxious, and acting like a foolish child.

  • mike chamberlain

    enjoy the apex of your season Niner fans- this is as good as it gets for you this year.

    • Randall

      Says the fan of a team who’s won nothing. lol, you cheathawk fans are a trip. No championships, yet you act like you’ve already won it this year.

      • mike chamberlain

        I guess we can continue this discussion when and if the Niners make the playoffs and win a couple games to earn the chance to play us again.

  • RegisHawk

    Getting drunk and crashing into trees…that’s the kind of role models the 49ers are looking for.

  • Drclaw99

    Think all you Hawks fans ought to stop with the holier than thou baloney. Makes you look pretty silly.

    You have a coach that bailed on USC to avoid being held accountable for the sanctions (incl. Bush returning the Heisman and USC being stripped of the national title),and multiple drug suspensions during Carroll’s watch on the Hawks. Sort of odd you hating on Aldon for his substance problem. Plus:

    Lynch, 27, was arrested in the early morning on July 14, 2012, by the California Highway Patrol after a police officer allegedly observed him driving north on Interstate 880 in Oakland, weaving in and out of lanes in a white Ford van and nearly colliding with two cars.

    • Matthew Scheer

      You’re failing to realize the “holier than thou baloney” is in response to a Niner fan’s “holier than thou baloney” filled blog about Sherman being a bad role model. His point of view is hypocritical coming from a fan of a team and coach who has allowed quite a few of these arrests to go on. In the time frame that the Hawks got the suspensions you mention, the Niners had 6 arrests for either drunk driving or violence. Aldon Smith himself has been arrested 3 times for drunk driving as a Niner and hasn’t even faced suspension by the team. I say again ours comments were in defense of “holier than thou baloney”, we weren’t the people making the hypocritical accusations

      • Drclaw99

        More baloney. When an athlete opens his yap in a public forum, he or she gives their consent to be criticized for those actions, and this criticism is not contingent on what others have or have not done. Didn’t you learn by the 3rd grade that “Mommy-he hit me first” is not a valid argument?

        Sherman is a mouthy punk. Its too bad, really, because Seattle has some classy players. Sherman is not one of them, and if he’s going to shoot of his mouth, he more than deserves what’s coming to him. I felt the same way about Golston when he was with the 9ers. If you can’t handle legitimate criticism of your team, then there’s something wrong with you, friend.

        • Matthew Scheer

          Well he got what was coming to him…a trip to the Super Bowl.

  • DaviD

    Richard Sherman is cool for who he is, but he is a borderline coward. He talks too much, when his team is winning his talk is excused. When losing, he shouldn’t keep talking, he should man up and move on. I’ve never seen anyone invite another person to punch them, then throw their hands up and cower out.
    Still a top 5 corner and one of the more entertaining players to watch when he’s not holding on to the WR.