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San Francisco 49ers Opponent Seattle Seahawks' Quarterback Russell Wilson is Overrated

The San Francisco 49ers are tasked with containing Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson this week. Wilson has gotten many analysts to bow at his feet in awe of the stunts he is able to pull off. Jon Gruden was going nuts as he gushed over Wilson on Monday night. Wilson has done some impressive things lately, but a good scheme, a talented receiving corps, and hard work can only take the guy so far.

Wilson is 5-11 or so, just a hair shorter than Drew Brees, but he runs all the time. One big hit and he could be done. It is amazing that he has not gotten seriously injured yet. As for his receiving corps, they may lack Percy Harvin, but they have plenty of receivers that have started in Seattle for years—such as the severely underrated Doug Baldwin.

The biggest reason for Wilson’s on-field success, other than scheming and hard work, is simple: Marshawn Lynch. He is called “Beast Mode” for a reason. Well before Wilson became the starter, Lynch was forcing his way through defenses. Now, Seattle demands a lot of attention be placed on both their run and their pass. It is difficult to stop both.

Ultimately, Wilson is a very good quarterback, but he is not anything extremely special. He most likely will not have the career of a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, or perhaps even Colin Kaepernick. Wilson was fortunate to fall into an incredible situation. Defenses will soon start to figure him out better. Perhaps San Francisco’s will this week.

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  • Lamont Brown

    Wow the author of this article is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. Russell is not your average QB. Even Stevie wonder can see that

  • Nathan Jacobsen

    Lol! Love the 9er hate to bad there are no facts to support your argument. What a joke. CK is in his 3rd year, at what point has he been better than RW? Please do some research and analysis before y claim someone is overrated. Look at what Russell has managed to do throughout his college career, (switched schools for his senior year, started and almost won a Rose Bowl in a completely different system) when he came to the NFL he was the backup, 3rd round pick who won his job. And this year with a below average O-line, missing its 3 best starters for most of year is outplaying everyone not named Peyton Manning. If you had watched any tape on Russell, you would know he always looks to pass first, and when he does run he slides or runs out of bounds just like CK does. He’s no RGIII, and doesn’t take big shots. Your argument is seriously flawed.

  • Dalton Newell

    Haha I can’t wait until you’re proven wrong.

  • tyler

    Wow… People who shouldn’t be writing on sports. What an idiot.

  • Hawkman54

    You sir need to look up the QBR and regular Quarterback ratings !!!!! Then spew your ignorance !!!!!
    PHONY WHINER !!!!!
    GO HAWKS !!!!!

  • Native BoneZ

    I would love to bet this dude on this. By the end of the year Russell Wilson will prove all you pundits wrong. Heck I’ll bet by the end of Season Wilson will have many records that no other QB has ever had . I have been waiting for my franchise QB since 1976. He is the best QB that Seattle has ever had. I believe his career will be Brady like or Peyton like. You are just another person who has discredited all the amazing things he has done. Wilson a below average QB? What an assclown this guy is . By the end of the year Russell Wilson will be the best QB in win loss percentage in the History of football. Go ahead and say all you want about him because he will prove you wrong just as he has done to all the other Wilson doubters. Finally I will as Wilson is 20 times better than that gonzo looking dude that the Niners call a QB . This clown thinks he is better still? Wake up ass hat!!

  • Randy

    Ha! Whatever helps you sleep at night. Just because people are finally recognizing his talent doesn’t make him overrated. He was over shadowed by weak ass RG3 all last season. The fact that he has a great team just means he’s more likely to get a Championship, but even on a shitty team he would be showing his talent.

  • Mechguy

    Hmmm ,,,, well insulting the QB of the opposing team just before the game “might” work,,,,, you think ??? As a Seattle fan I would never put down Kaepernick, he is talented and he seems like a great guy,,, I just think Russell is the kind of student of the game that goes beyond what most QB’s would do. First guy on the field and the last guy off of it, he spends the rest of his time watching film and on his day off you can find him at Children’s Hospital,,,,,,, Doug didn’t you just write the article on why it might be good for the 49ers to LOSE.

  • Drclaw99

    I’m a diehard 9ers fan, and even I know this is bunk. Wilson may not have eye popping physical tools, but he has excellent pocket presence, knows how to break a defense down, makes great decisions (particularly on the run), delivers the ball accurately on most throws, and does enough damage with is legs. His stats bear this out, particularly QB, which weights decisions extremely (some might say unfairly) high in its evaluation.

    Seems to me 9ers fans ought to know that a cannon arm does not a good qb make.

  • Brendon Kuhn

    Check out Marshawn’s average yards per game as a Seahawk (with relatively the same OL) before and after Russell. Big difference.

    And when it comes to “running all the time” and wondering how he hasn’t been destroyed yet, he’s actually one of the smartest QBs at running effectively. He knows to protect himself. He has been hit HARD a few times this season, but those are almost exclusively in the pocket due to an awful OL (thanks to injuries). When he escaped, he was actually AVOIDING the big hit.

    Sweet article though.

  • Dan Egger

    Douglas Totten your flare for the fictional is impressive.

  • Jeane Cameron

    I sense much butt hurt in this article.

  • joe blow

    Dumbest article ever. Author is clearly mentally challenged. Wilson doesn’t get hit because he runs out of bounds or slides. You have to be a moron or not watch the games to be making all these assumptions. If your talking about falling into a perfect situation, what about your boy Colin. Got to sit for a year to learn. Has a strong defense and run game. Equal if not better wrs then Seattle and he is not playing all that well. U f’n clown

  • Chris Rose

    Makes me not want to open emails from fansided. Can’t believe this author is allowed to write here. So many things wrong with what you said. I’ll focus on one, unlike Kap, when his first read breaks down he doesn’t put his head down and run. He scrambles, and yeah if there is no one in front, he runs a 4.4 so he gets 10 yards a clip. If you have to ask how he hasn’t been hurt you obviously don’t watch tape or the games. He gets down way before he can get hit, throws it away when he has to, or runs out of bounds. Of course Beast makes the whole team better. Kap has a great run game and a great defense. Why can’t he even come close to Russell’s numbers. Since week 11 last year, best QBR in the NFL. Passes of 20yds or more this years, Best in the NFL. Top 3 rating. Most explosive plays (runs of more than 12yds, passes of more than 16yds). Kap barely scores in top 10 on any of those lists. See you next year at this time to talk about what directions the careers of Kap and Wilson are going in.

  • Chris Rose

    One last point, even notice how after a drive, good or bad, Russell is right to the sidelines looking at photos and planning the next drive. Kap is f%^$&ing around and not even paying attention.

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  • ricefield

    Douglas, you should watch some tape of Wilson playing before writing such an idiotic story. Unlike RGIII and your qb, RW is a scrambler. He runs to extend the pass play, much like Fran Tarkenton. When he does run it is usually ends with him going out of bounds or sliding feet first. The biggest hits he takes are when he stays in the pocket too long. CK has 2 pro bowl receivers in Davis and Boldin and still puts up the worse numbers in the league. We will see if having 3 pro bowl receivers makes him competent.

  • monkey

    Aside from having no facts whatsoever to back up the authors opinion, and aside from employing the wiritng style of a typical eighth grade student, and aside from being completely wrong in his final analysis, this was…well, let’s face it, it was horse-pucky.
    Does the author of this drivel get paid anything for writing this? If so, I’d love to have this guy’s gig!