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Is Russell Wilson Overrated? The Follow-Up to Your Many Comments

San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks fans, as expected, you have made your voices heard on a recent article of mine, Russell Wilson is Overrated. I appreciate your comments and understand that many of you think this view is a little, well, out of the ordinary considering Wilson’s recent success. Which leads to a quick clarification: I never called Russell Wilson bad.

Yes, Russell Wilson is a good quarterback, but he’s not Peyton Manning good. He has shown a knack for making plays — but so did Colin Kaepernick last year, and look what happened to him when he lost his weapons. And even though Wilson has played well, the praise he has earned seems to go over the top.

As for Wilson sliding and running all over the place: that does not help very much when the offensive line lets him get clobbered, like they did earlier in the season, and even the best sliders/divers/sideliners will get a few hits here and there. He has been able to withstand them so far, but I don’t see it happening that much longer.

Wilson has played well, but even good players can be overrated. This is the case with Russell Wilson, a player who has had a good year — even with only 2 games of over 300 yards passing — in a great situation, but also has a seemingly lower ceiling than some of his fellow young QBs around the league.

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  • Yeah

    LOL. This article is even dumber than the last. No factual analysis or care presentation of facts.

  • Brandon Purdy

    Douglas Rotten you are a joke.

  • Hobbes Douge

    Wow, I know SF was desperate but to try to bring Kaepernick up by bringing Wilson down is incredibly unwise. But seriously, if you want to run around and call this an article then there are a bunch of real writers out there who would disagree.

  • llaaronj

    Apparently anyone can have their own article. With all due respect to Peyton manning, let’s look at his weapons throughout his career….Marvin and Reggie and now Thomas, Thomas, Decker, and welker. It this guy serious? Russell Wilson has average receivers at best and still excels. This author needs to pay attention to the game and quit trying to make douche statements just to ruffle feathers. Makes him look ignorant.

    • Ron Grummer

      Apparently, it isn’t just a thin outer veneer, the “d-baggery” seems to go clear to the bone.

  • JJ

    Keep in mind that Wilson has looked good without much of his supporting cast, especially on the O-line this year. I think he may be under rated and not over rated as claimed. Time will tell. As for being Payton Manning, no he is not but then Manning is no Wilson either. Given the choice of Manning of Wilson at this point in time, I think Wilson offers by far the most long term value. He may even reach a higher ceiling than he presently lists. Wilson has a great arm and terrific speed, uncanny awareness of the field, and is a terrific leader on and off the field.

  • Mux

    Yes, Douglas Rotten

  • Mux

    Yes, Douglas rotten…

  • Rob Hospidor

    douglas totten please go kill yourself

    • Dale GoDawgs McLerran

      While I certainly do not agree in the least with totten, there can be no justification for a post of this sort.

      • Rob Hospidor

        don’t be so PC ya fag

      • Rob Hospidor

        If you didn’t notice I don’t give a shit about your opinion either.

    • Matthew Scheer

      I’m a Hawks fan and all for the military as your pic suggests you are…my dad’s a Vietnam Vet. But this is unnecessary. Is it so hard to disagree and not be a prick?

  • DRRL

    Of course anyone can have an (uninformed) opinion about anything. What both this and the previous piece lacks is any sort of evidence. Where are the metrics, the evaluation tools, cited quotes from qualified sources, etc.? Interestingly, The Niners head coach and the players interviewed would disagree completely with your assessment.

    • GatorHawk

      Oh, you want evidence?! How about the fact that RW holds the NCAA single-season record for QB passing efficiency. Or that he has the third highest QB rating in the NFL right now (just behind Peyton). Or the fact that that his TD to Int ratio is twice as good as Kaepernick’s. Or that he has a completion rate of 65%?

      Wait a minute…..

      • Freeindi

        he’s lucky that he has the loud mouths to help him

  • Drclaw99

    hmm…think you are evading Doug. Either you are setting up a straw man now, or you failed originally to define what you meant by “over rated”. I mean, I don’t think anyone has ever suggested RW=PM, or Brady. And, you can hardly complain people disagreed with your premise when you defined it so vaguely. If you had said something like, “RW currently is playing really well, but its too early to put him up with those others”, nobody really would have said boo.

    ‘Fraid you need to own this one friend, and move on.

  • PaxMentis

    People…it’s a fan article.

    The guy is a Niners fan…you expect football intelligence or intellectual honesty?

    Good luck.

  • Matthew Scheer

    So you base this on what? How about you compare the first two seasons of the QB’s mentioned and make a comparison there, as opposed to comparing Wilson’s second year to Manning now. And about help, Manning had Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James in his beginnings, not to mention Marvin Harrison. Your argument has no merit until you back it up…which you haven’t. Show us a reason to believe you

  • g.johnon

    hey, cool! just keep thinking like that niners :-). rw is nothing to worry about, nothing at all. and if you make it past the panthers this week, welcome to seattle where we promise to be nice and quiet so kappy can hear himself think. oh yeah, and whatever other wonderful pipe dreams you may be entertaining, of course they will all come true. :-)

  • Freeindi

    the seachickens are the best with their mouths not their quarterback