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Why it May Be Good for San Francisco 49ers to Lose to Seattle

The San Francisco 49ers host the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday in a much-anticipated NFC West matchup. Even though the Seahawks wiped the floor with San Fran in Week 2, and even though they thumped the New Orleans Saints Monday Night, the 49ers are currently three point favorites. This means two things: 1) the 49ers are still respected, at least by those willing to put money on an outcome, and 2) the Seahawks have not garnered the appreciation they have desired. This could easily work to the Seahawks’ advantage.

Both squads like being the underdog. With San Francisco getting some benefit of the doubt this week, do not be surprised if Seattle comes in and defeats the 49ers at Candlestick Park. Would it be sad? Yes, but it would not be surprising. Even though the teams have split home-and-home for the past two years, this home field advantage trade-off will have to come to an end sooner or later. With the way the Seahawks have been playing, they could easily end it this week.

Would that, however, be bad for San Francisco? Not really. Assuming the Philadelphia Eagles lose another game—which they should—and the 49ers win out—which they should, including a victory over the Arizona Cardinals—the 49ers would have the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. This would come with a Divisional Round trip to Seattle. It is one thing to beat a team once, even twice. It is quite another to beat a team three times in the same year. Losing to Seattle this week might, in all actuality, make it more likely for the 49ers to beat a Seahawks team in CenturyLink Field in January.

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  • Random Dude

    already trying to rationalize a loss that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Drclaw99

      naah..just pointing out that it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Don’t need to rationalize-SEA has been the better team this season. The 9ers need to be at their best to beat them right now, but the Hawks can make a few mistakes and still get it done.

    • Douglas Totten

      Drclaw99 is on the right track, and winning three in a row against a fairly equal opponent — yes, Seattle has been better, but San Francisco is not too far behind — is tough.

  • loverpoint

    This article should read : ” WHY A LOSS WOULD BE GOOD FOR SEATTLE ” . Which is a post I had already written and explained how the whole playoff seeding could be controlled by Seattle if they showed any forethought. The whole playoff picture will change if Carolina beats New Orleans.

    The 49ers cannot afford to lose. I for one do not think Philadelphia will lose to Detroit so that immediately blows this whole article out of the water as silly nonsense. If you are Seattle you want the 49ers to obtain the #5 seed.

    • Douglas Totten

      Interesting point. Philly and Dallas still have to play each other, which means one of those teams will lose, I’d think both, and I don’t think San Francisco will lose again after this week, no matter the outcome.

      You may be right, but you don’t think that way on game day. Also, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Carolina — or even New Orleans on a better day — come in and beat Seattle in Seattle.

      Thanks for reading and your comments! Keep them coming!

  • Mugato3000

    This article is bad and you should feel bad! This is seriously the stupidest logic ever. Whatever helps you sleep at night though FortyWhiners fans.

    • Douglas Totten

      Thanks for reading Niner Noise and your opinion! Keep them coming!

  • Mechguy

    Uhhhh,,,,,, yeah uhhhhhhhh,,,,,, a win here in candlestick would just crush the hopes of those Hawks for a win later at home. I uhhh,,,see that ?

    • Douglas Totten

      Would it crush them? Nah, but teams rarely win the third game if they’ve won the first two and its a close matchup. Think Ravens-Steelers.

  • Dalton Newell

    Niners are favored by 2.5 pts, but the home team automatically gets a 3 pt advantage.