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Can the Seattle Seahawks be Stopped by San Francisco 49ers?

Can the Seattle Seahawks be stopped? To put it simply, yes. Sure they have gone on a very long win streak. Yes, they set another Guinness World Record for decibels in an outdoor stadium. Of course, they looked fantastic Monday night blowing open a game nearly everyone expected to be close until the very end. Nevertheless, they are not as good as they have been.

Seattle has had a string of very good luck. They played a number of teams when they were at their worst: the Carolina Panthers in week 1 before they went on their winning streak, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right when they were figuring out how to win games, the Houston Texans at the beginning of their collapse, the San Francisco 49ers when they were injured—which would, granted, be any time up until, and even including, this week—the Tennessee Titans right when they lost Jake Locker, and the St. Louis Rams before Tavon Austin realized he was good. Nevertheless, not even this fortune explains away their recent blowouts and positive eye-tests.

Be careful, though, with what you see. Russell Wilson did look phenomenal Monday, but he has looked completely pedestrian at times, even at home—see the Bucs game, and he still gets hit too much for me not to worry about an injury. Expect the secondary to get picked apart more as coaches can see some of the tendencies and flaws of the backup corners. The offensive line is getting healthier, but it, too, is still not quite up to snuff.

The Seahawks have been incredible so far this season in compensating for their weaknesses. Even so, their weaknesses are still there and can be exploited. They can be stopped.

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  • Matthew Scheer

    You failed to mention that all of the “pedestrian” games of Wilson were behind an o-line with 1 starter at his normal position. Now we are seeing what he can do with a healthy o-line.

  • Bill Donaldson

    Russell Wilson is the cream of the 2012 QB crop. I think you
    better get used to it.

  • mike chamberlain

    Sure Doug- obviously it’s your job to write this stuff- I’m sure you don’t really believe it yourself.

    • Douglas Totten

      Thanks for your opinion! You know, sometimes it is difficult to believe what you write. This is not one of those times. Seattle has a loss, and any team with a loss can most definitely be beat. Will they? We will see on Sunday, but they can be beat.

  • Miguel Jonz

    It strange how most of the National Sports media repeatedly forget to mention all the injuries that Seattle has suffered during this run. They’ll use that to explain other teams deficiencies but when it comes to Seattle they always seem to be at full strength, according to the info that the media never bothers to bring up. Russell worked most of this season behind a depleted Offensive line. Now he’s got them back and is lighting up everyone in his path. If you’re going to make excuses for the losers, make sure you bother to mention the true condition of the team that just destroyed them.

  • Sanityhaslefttheroom

    Man you need to put down that crack pipe, you live in another dimension. Hawks have Kap’s number and man for man Hawks are a much better team than the 49ers, I expect the Hawks to put the 49ers out of the playoff hunt this Sunday, 38-10.

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  • Mugato3000

    This article is ALSO bad and you should feel bad! I really hope you aren’t getting paid for this Douglas. Do some research before you go writing nonsense.

  • coutoinwa

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And and Easter Bunny. And Tooth Fairy, and leprechauns, and unicorns. Now click the heels of your ruby slippers together three times and say,”The niners CAN beat the Seahawks, the niners Can beat the Seahawks, the niners Can beat the Seahawks”…..

  • jjthetraveler

    I’ve read wishful thinking before but this takes the cake. I missed my chance I should have been a sportswriter then I could smoke good dope and still get paid.

  • Mechguy

    Yeah,,,its possible Doug. Obama might tell the truth some day, North Korea might apologize for all their stupidity and Iran and Israel might get together on Hanukkah. If I were you Doug I would stay inside for fear of lightning.

    • Douglas Totten

      I think this is my favorite comment on this article, Mechguy. That’s hilarious! Maybe I should haha.

      Do the 49ers have a better shot of winning than Obama’s healthcare site of working?

  • ComeOn1

    Doug says: Final Prediction: 49ers 27, Seattle 16 — Good luck with that one – Ha! So glad the Niners will have all their ‘weapons’ tomorrow. It will make the victory party that much sweeter. Seahawks’ LOB will shut that sh*t down , Doug