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Kaepernick Has Potential -- and Potential to Fail

Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers got a steal in the second round a few years back in the likeness of one Colin Kaepernick. When he got his chance, he quickly became the favored child of the news media and of fans everywhere—just look at his jersey sales. Nevertheless, the quarterback scouts once raved over for his potential—and still do, as a matter of fact—now looks hopelessly lost trying to lead an ineffective offense. What happened?

With most any quarterback of great potential, there is also a great potential for failure—again, and again, and again. How many horrible passes did Brett Favre throw? His career ended on an interception—twice! Think about some of the many quarterbacks drafted on the basis of potential:  JaMarcuss Russell (sorry other side of the Bay) and Ryan Leaf quickly come to mind. They fell flat, did they not? Now, think about some of the quarterbacks chosen based solely on who they were, not who they could become: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck (ok, neither of these guys is really fair). Another guy is good old Alex Smith, who was never seen as a big arm guy, but rather a smart decision maker. He has been that throughout his career, despite his many ups and downs with different coaching staffs. By the way, Joe Montana and Tom Brady never had the biggest arms either.

            Steve Young had a solid arm, however. He also went through many failures before taking off in his Hall-of-Fame career. Perhaps Kaepernick will pick it up at some point, too. For now, 49ers fans need to expect the downs with the ups and the failures with the successes until he can figure out a way to become more consistent.

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  • marty

    Behind great QB’s is solid NFL coaching. Look at who coached Montana, Brady, Peyton & Rogers. 49ers have a major problem with coaches. A lot of Kaep’s problems are the result of poor coaching. Watching the game time offense of the 49ers indicates how bad the coaching is. After three years of blaming the players, it is time to take a look at the coaches. It is difficult to any NFL team that is struggling more than the 49ers offensive team. Game, after game, when Harbaugh is ask about these problems, he can’t answer the questions. Its always about players & their performance. Last year, Kaep was new, he covered up the 49ers problems with the passing game. This year he is caught up in the 49ers problems. If the 49ers can run over a team, they will win, but against good teams it just doesn’t work in the NFL. After three seasons people are starting to see & understand the 49ers problem. Players careers are short in the NFL, I hope the 49ers see the light & we don’t have a fourth season like the last three.

  • Ronald Rupert

    I have always like JH and he has done alot for this team, but he is starting to look like he
    has gone as far as he can with this team, and they are going backwards. If he is such a smart coach
    way can’t he see that Roman is one of the biggest problems for the offense. Why don’t he start calling the plays himself. The only coach he brought with him from Standford is Vic Fangio, is the only one that worth anything. From what I have read about Harbaugh, he doesn’t stay in one place for very long, so maybe
    he will move on when contract is up.

  • Drclaw99

    It’s encouraging that a lot of people are starting to think about the forest here and not the trees. Every game loss can be rationalized by a lot of little things-ranging from Gore dropping a ball to questionable or legitimate penalties.

    What’s constant is the predictability of the play calling-every series in the second 1/2 was an up the middle run (although it’s possible CK should be checking these to pass), the lack of flexibility in the passing game, the fact that plays can’t get called on time and every snap is when the clock reads 0. JH made two challenges that even my cat would not have made.

    I like JH-he’s been successful everywhere he went. But, if I am the owner-I am giving him one more season to get his stuff together. We’ll see if Roman is with the team next season, but it sure seems a lot of the problem is with G-ro.