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49ers Review Through the First Quarter of the Season

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t lived up to fans’ and critics’ expectations this year. They haven’t been the team that was chosen as #2 in the preseason power rankings as they have fallen out of the top 5 this week.

But, there is no reason for the “Niner Faithful” to hit the panic button just yet as there are improvements that can be made now rather than later late in the season. Here are some headlines from the first quarter of the season for the Niners.

1. 49ers must stop being “cute” on offense

The Niners showed early in the first two games that they have a lot of pre-snap movement before each play. Coach Jim Harbaugh does this to try to gain an advantage in numbers against the opposing defense. But sometimes he relies on it too much. Instead of helping us, it just hurts us and puts us in horrible down and distance situations.

But, the past two weeks has show some improvement. We’ve gone back to our strength, smash mouth football. Frank Gore has seen some progress of late as the o-line has created many paths for the star to run through. This proves that the formula to constantly run the ball through the defense’s throat will open up looks down the field for Colin Kaepernick.

2. Kapernick has to excel in his second year

If Kap hasn’t figured it out yet, the other 31 defenses in the league made him the #1 priority to try to stop in the offseason and that hasn’t failed to show.

Colin hasn’t showed much improvement so far this year. He showcased a small amount against Green Bay in Week 1 but since then, he has started to being an average quarterback. Defensive Coordinators are exposing his weaknesses such as his vision, strength, and looking off his defenders.

3. The 49ers need to stay healthy

Injuries have plagued the Niners so far this year. For example, our receiver core is no where close to being complete as we are missing other stars such as Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham. The absence of Aldon Smith for an undisclosed amount of time isn’t helping the team either.

Hopefully Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis will be active against the powerful Houston Texans this weekend as we will need to be close to full strength if we want to defeat the AFC Champions of a year ago.

These are the 3 main headlines through the first quarter of the season. But looking at these three, justifies why the Faithful shouldn’t throw this season away as a failure just yet.

There’s still a lot of football to be played. Fans just need to be patient as these are minor areas that need to be fixed. There’s no doubt in my mind that the San Francisco 49ers are still one of the most dangerous teams in the league.

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  • Max Heel

    Wow is all I can say in response to how awful this “article” is. How many times in one sentence can you possibly use the term “us” when referring to the 49ers? I understand this is a fan site on a fan network but my God the 5th graders my wife teaches everyday could write better than this.

    • Irwin Gonzales

      Okay, I am an avid reader of sport articles, fan written or professional alike. By that, I should reply to that comment by saying you really serve no purpose here. Honestly, to come into a sports article only to attack grammar is not only very irrelevant, but very “Douche like” as well. I will propose something to you, although I highly doubt you will be following through with it. Write an article about the 49ers, execute this with grammar to its perfection and have a major sports website publish it. You can even ask these “5th graders” you speak of to help you out if you like. Until that time, you are absolutely in no place to insult the author about his execution on this article. Also, understanding prospective is key when criticizing one’s work. Fans all over the world tend to analyze their teams as if they are in it with them often using “we”, “us” & “our”. To be quite frank, this concept is prevalent here in the Bay Area. Obviously the author is a fan of the 49ers and is simply putting his analysis in the situation. By that same understanding, he is entitled to talk about them in any way he pleases. In summary, this article is meant only to make a point about the 49ers and this comment section is made for other members of this website to agree with the article or start a respectable debate on the 49ers based on their opinion. If you are not in this to do either, then as I said earlier, you really have no purpose here.

      • Max Heel

        Irwin, you are either A) This guy’s best friend or B) A moron since you are defending this piece of crap “article”. FYI, I have been published hundreds of times, I stumbled upon this “article” and couldn’t even concentrate it was so bad. It is within my right to say what I feel about the subject matter in the comments section. I’m done now, you can go back to blowing the author.

        • Irwin Gonzales

          Max Heel, if that is the case, there is no “A or B” situation for you. You are simply an idiot wasting your own time on an article of a fan site bringing no value to this conversation. What you said is literally identical to the last comment you made. However, I would like to see this work of yours which I’m actually curious about, since you hold yourself at such a high pedigree, that you allow for your actions to demean one’s work having no real pull yourself. Also, until you can actually bring some concrete substance other than “It’s crap” or “It’s awful” in your comments or response, then I would never be able to take you seriously. Again, my motives are only to furthermore prove that imbeciles such as yourself really have no point in being here. Which you actually brought light to based on your last comment which has NOTHING to do with what the article contains. I’m intrigued as to how you actually go around “stumbling” onto fan written articles such as this one just to insult the authors. Your redundant comments really lead me to think you are only here wasting your own time blindly insulting people, not having read what this article is truly about. Like I said, until you can bring something substantial into this conversation you prove my point for me. If you reply with anything less that proven work or valid points to your argument then you are simply wasting my time. I refuse to comply with conversations that has no true value or intelligence to it. You may continue to “Stumble” on other articles because this conversation is over.

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