Photos And Notes From San Francisco 49ers 10-6 Loss To Denver Broncos

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There was a lot excitement watching the San Francisco 49ers return to playing football on Thursday night against the Denver Broncos. Despite the loss and watching the Niners second- and third-string players give up four turnovers, overall the team had a good game on both offense and defense.

There were plenty of good and bad plays made by the 49ers throughout the game. Here are few things I noted during the game, but you can click here for a more detailed evaluation of the 49ers preseason Week 1 loss:

Daniel Kilgore – What made the 49ers’ starting offensive line one of the best in the league last season was the fact that all five played the whole season, including the playoffs, without suffering an injury. Last night, four of the five starters from last year started for the Niners, with the exception of center Jonathan Goodwin. Starting in his place at center was Daniel Kilgore, who also remained in the game with the second-string offense.

Goodwin did not play because of an injured finger, but with the way Kilgore played at center he might have heated up a competition between the two at the position. What makes Kilgore so valuable is his versatility on the O-line. He is listed as a guard, but he can also effectively play center and tackle, if needed. Goodwin has been practicing at training camp, but in a non-contact jersey. He could be in danger of losing his starting job to Kilgore if does not recover to full strength soon.

Ian Williams – One of the question marks on defense is who starts at nose tackle for the 49ers this season. The assumption is third-year pro Ian Williams will be the man in the middle clogging up holes. And with the way he played in his first start at the position last night, it’s clear he will be able to handle the starting role.

All game, Williams pushed Denver’s offensive linemen back on their heels, which allowed the outside rushers to get pressure on the quarterback and led to four sacks. He continued his strong play with the second-string defensive line in the second and third quarters.

Backup QuarterbacksScott Tolzien and Colt McCoy got off to rough starts in the first and second quarters. McCoy was on the field for only three offensive series because of an injured shoulder he suffered in the second quarter. After coming into the game to replace McCoy, Tolzien eventually found his groove by passing for 158 yards. But he still had a mediocre game.

A lot of the bad play by McCoy and Tolzien had to do with the horrible protection the second-string offensive line provided for the quarterbacks. Still, I expected a lot more from Tolzien as this is his third year in the offense.

The takeaway from this for me is that a) the Niners are in trouble if Colin Kaepernick is injured and Tolzien or McCoy has to start, and b) with exception to Kilgore, the backup offensive linemen did not show they can be effective if called upon to start for an injured player.

Here is a slideshow of the 49ers vs. Broncos preseason Week 1 game:

Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh runs off the field with his players before the game against the Denver Broncos.

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  • loverpoint

    #1 Goodwin will start.
    #2 Ian Williams showed he is the real thing, or the best thing the 49ers have right now .
    #3 Both Tolzien and McCoy sucked.
    #4 A.J. Jenkins is living in a fantasy world where he thinks he is doing just fine.
    #5 Although Whilhoit was clearly the best backup ILB the 49ers have, that is not very good.
    #6 Boldin, Collie, Moore, Williams, Lockette, Osgood are the top 6 active WR’s as of 8/09/13.
    #7 Asomugha looked good despite rumors.
    #8 Dawson must correct the tendency to kick to the left. Akers had he same problem last year. Set up on the right hash marks.
    #9 Vance Johnson is making the same receiving errors he made in college. He takes his eyes of the ball on short easy passes, this is known as running with the ball before you catch it.
    #10 Lemonier pass rushes better than he defends against the run to his side.

    • mauiblizzard

      couldn’t agree more with loverpoint about the recievers.
      When Collie is healthy he wreaks havoc on opposings DB’s and LB’s. He always gets open, and is at his best in the red zone. I cant believe some of the idiots who have him at on the cut list, with like 8 WR’s ahead of him. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are doing that solely based upon Collies knack for getting his bell rung/concussions. Cant deny that he is a medical gamble, but when healthy, he blows all those other dudes away with the exception of Boldin

  • stremberth

    watch tolzien if he gets reps with the number ones. might not be kaep, but he did pretty darn good with a very weak number 2 O Line and receivers who looked lost in the middle of their routes. look at Jacobs in tolziens INT, he was lost and didn’t know where to turn…..why do you think keep doesn’t play with the number 2s, he would get hurt like McCoy did and tolzien would if he wasn’t so tough.