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Packers Rookie Datone Jones Says Kaepernick Can’t Keep Running, Will Get Injured

Earlier this week, Green Bay Packers rookie Datone Jones had some words of wisdom for the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick: Stop running or Kap will get injured.

Jones’ full quote is below. When he gave the comments about Kaepernick he was talking about the Packers vs. 49ers divisional round playoff game:

I thought he was pretty good. But I don’t think they’re going to be able to run him like that. He takes one good hit, there goes their season.

Unless you are a Packers fan you are probably wondering, who the heck is Datone Jones? He was selected by Green Bay in the first-round of last month’s draft as a linebacker out of UCLA. A big reason why the Packers decided to select Jones is because he was known for his skills facing read-option offenses in college.

Kaepernick set an NFL record for most rushing yards by quarterback in a playoff game when he rushed for 181 yards and two touchdowns in the 45-31 win over Green Bay. The Packers coaching staff had no answers for stopping Kaepernick and the read-option. With the rise of running quarterbacks last season like Kap and Robert Griffin III, the Packers are hoping the selection of Jones will help the team avoid giving up big plays to running quarterbacks. Green Bay’s coaches even went to Texas A&M in the offseason for a better understanding of stopping the read-option.

One issue I have with Jones’ comments is he makes it seem like the 49ers offense completely revolves around the read-option and Kaepernick running the football. All one would have to do is look at the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons that followed the Packers game to see that is not true. Kap only had two carries for 21 yards against Falcons. Plus, a majority of his runs last season came on broken pass plays where the no one was open or the protection broke down. In fact, most of his runs in the game against the Packers were on scrambles.

Another issue with Jones’ comments is he thinks Kaepernick is a careless runner. However, I don’t recall any major hits Kap took last season. That’s because when running the read-option, if there is nowhere to run, Kap can just hand it off. If a team focuses in on stopping him from running, he either hands it off to the running back or looks to pass the football. See the game against the Falcons.

The reason why Kaepernick continued running against the Packers in the divisional playoff game is because Green Bay’s defense could not stop him. I doubt Jones watched all of the games Kap started last season. Because if he had, he would have seen the read-option is only a small part of the Niners offense.

The Packers will not have to wait long to see if their offseason tutorials and the drafting of Jones to stop the read-option will pay off. The 49ers will host the Packers in Week 1 to open the 2013 season.


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  • cuauhtemoc

    Everybody keeps thinking that all kaepernick is goen to do is run with the ball like RGlll and cam newton but they should be surprised this year thats just an option if its clear to run if not he can throw it he ran so much this past year because they were cought off guard we should see him throw the ball alot more and run once they forget about his feet!!!!

  • All Coug’d Up

    Nobody said the offense revolves around him running. All Jones said is that it revolves around Kaep being healthy. If he runs a lot, his chances of injury go up. Reading too much into the quote here.

  • John

    One year wonder!

  • loverpoint

    Sounds like words of fear instead of wisdom.

    Other words of wisdom from Jones: Don’t throw the Ball, he may get hurt throwing the ball.

    I wonder if he gave his teams QB Aaron Rodgers the same words of advice. I’m sure if he did Rodgers would have told him; Shut up Rookie and mind your own business.

  • loverpoint

    Boy there sure are a lot of players from other teams really concerned about Kaepernicks health.

    I have a friend who hates the 49ers and he constantly says ” I sure hope your team does not lose their QB ” Other 49ers friends and myself finally had to tell him to shut up. Because we know he is not sincere.

    One thing Datone Jones knows all to well. He never will catch Kaepernick from behind .

  • loverpoint

    There are 22 players on the field every snap of the ball, sometimes 20, sometimes 23. Any one of those players can be injured on any play.

    What ever happened to all the worry warts that were concerned about Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?, two very immobile QB’s.

    What about the slew of other QB’s that are known for their running and scrambling. Andrew Luck took some bigger hits than Kaepernick while scrambling and no one seems worried.

    Jones looked at Green Bay’s schedule and only 1 team and 1 player stood out as something to fear, and that is the 49ers and Kaepernick in G.B.’s 1st game of the season. The only other opponents G.B. faces that have a running QB are Washington and Philadelphia. We know Vick is no longer a threat. Is RG III done running the ball ? We will only find out as the 2013 season unfolds.

  • Gary Dodson

    Kaepernick is like Jordan was to the NBA.He’s changed and redefined the position of quarterback and the NFL will never be the same.RG3 and Russell Wilson also are doing the same by displaying new talents and abilities that expand the role of quarterback to a new level.The Era of the Mobile Quarterback has arrived.

  • jimpassi

    as with any NFL player they are one big hit away from retirment
    he thinks hes superman hes young yet that will change in a few years