Armageddon in San Francisco

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There is also the possibility that Colin starts the game and does as well if not better and the 49ers light up the Saints in route to a big win. In this case Coach looks like a genius the comparisons of all the great QBs to shine after getting an opportunity will be made. With this Alex goes the way of Drew Bledsoe and finds himself a forgotten man.

Should Alex get the start in this game the only way he can erase the controversy is to play lights out and win this game, a poor performance would be Armageddon with those outside and some inside.  Alex has played in all kinds of games and has the experience to handle the crowd and go toe to toe with Drew. A win by Alex will allow Colin to go back to his role and prepare to take over down the road and give the team confidence that should he be needed he can do the job.

No matter whom starts one thing for sure is the 49ers should be able to run the ball on what is a very porous defense.  Both QBs will have no problem handing the ball off to Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter. The true key to this game is keeping Drew Brees on the sidelines as long as possible while putting touchdowns on the board.

Coach Harbaugh has done a masterful job of keeping the Saints in the dark as to who will start. Preparing for two totally different styles of Qbs will be more than enough work to keep the Saints busy and give the 49ers the best chance to win. With a win in this game it won’t knock the Saints out of the playoffs but it puts them in a very big hole. Given the opportunity to keep a very dangerous team down whoever the QB is playing well and winning will keep Armageddon at bay.


Mike Zamora


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